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On construction sites and other industrial sites across New York, scaffolding is frequently used to help construction workers to perform their duties. Scaffolding can be erected at large heights, and when workers fall from these structures or when scaffolding collapses, it can cause significant and life-altering injuries.

At the law firm of Rheingold, Valet, Rheingold, Ruffo & Giuffra LLP, in New York, our scaffolding accident lawyers are committed to helping our clients recover maximum compensation. In accidents involving mobile scaffold, suspension scaffold, scissor lifts, pipe scaffold and other types of scaffold, we have helped clients find successful verdicts and settlements for many years.

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NY Scaffolding Accidents in Brooklyn

In the state of New York, a special law exists that is designed to protect construction workers who are injured while working on scaffolding. Labor Law Section 240 requires owners of buildings and general contractors to provide safety protection for all construction site workers. When accidents happen, injured workers may be able to recover compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

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