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Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Lock Class Action Lawsuit

Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Locks are used in countless businesses, apartment buildings, hotels, motels, college dorms and even public bathrooms. Class action lawsuit lawyers at our firm are currently investigating potential lawsuits on behalf of businesses and individuals who paid premium prices for Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Locks. If you relied on Kaba's inaccurate assertions that these locks offered a convenient and secure solution to access control, and are interested in being compensated for your loss, contact us today to discuss joining our Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Lock class action lawsuit.

Our investigation, however, has found that Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Locks do not deliver as promised. In fact, it is extremely easy for someone without knowledge of a PIN code to open one of these locks. By attaching a magnet to the Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Lock, an intruder can operate the lock and open a door in a matter of seconds.

The category of locks affected are the Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Locks. The following is a list of the effected locks:

  • 5000 series
  • 1000 series
  • L1000 series
  • EE1000 series
  • 8100 series
  • LP1000 series
  • 2015 series
  • 3000 series
  • 6200 series
  • 7100 series
  • 9600 series
  • File Guard locks

Buyers of Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Locks have spent hundreds of dollars on a product that simply does not provide adequate security. The ease by which someone of ill intent can enter a hotel room, dorm, bathroom or other premise secured with a Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Lock is frightening. Businesses relying on these locks face a serious risk of liability should one of their customers or employees suffer harm because a defective Kaba Simplex Pushbutton Mechanical Lock failed to secure a premises.

This page will be updated if it is discovered that more Kaba Locks are able to be picked by using a magnet. For the latest information about the dysfunctional Kaba Keyless Lock view our Class Action Blog page.

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