Nursing Home Injuries: Bed Sores

Bed Sores/Decubitus Ulcers: Some bedsores, also called decubitus ulcers, are caused by a lack of blood flow to an area of the skin from extended pressure to one area on the body. Normally because people are moving often these sores don't happen, but in nursing homes people are not always able to reposition themselves in order to avoid getting these types of sores. It is the responsibility of the nursing homes to reposition the residents regularly at two hour intervals to prevent bed sores. Keeping patients clean and dry from soiled beds is critical in preventing these painful pressure sores.

Key Causes:

  • Prolonged pressure to one area of the body without repositioning
  • Exposures to wet soiled bed and/or diapers
  • Malnutrition and dehydration

Our loved ones rely on their caretakers to help them move to avoid these sores that can lead to infections sometimes unfortunately resulting in death. Bed sores are preventable with proper care. If your loved one has acquired a staph or another infection while in the care of a nursing home, it's important to contact an attorney to protect your rights.

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