Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Nursing homes and similar long-term care facilities in the United States currently house approximately 1.6 million elderly and/or dependent adults. Families who place their loved ones in nursing homes trust that they will be properly cared for. Unfortunately, this trust is sometimes betrayed. In fact, nursing home abuse and negligence is a growing epidemic in the U.S.

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Signs To Look For

There are several different types of nursing home abuses, each of which has certain signs to watch out for. They include:

Physical abuse is generally characterized by unexplained injuries including bruises, fractures, sprains, open wounds, internal bleeding, and more. In many cases, these injuries are caused when the patient is hit, slapped, kicked, or otherwise physically violated. However, malnutrition and medication under and overdoses may also be signs of physical abuse.

Verbal, mental, and/or emotional abuse is marked by severe emotional anguish and agitation, withdrawal, and non-responsiveness and is often brought on by repeated insults, humiliation, threats, intimidation, harassment, and more.

Sexual abuse includes any inappropriate touching or sexual contact, rape, and forced nudity among other things. Signs of sexual abuse include unexplained genital infections, bruising around the breasts or genitalia, torn or bloodied underclothing, and more.

Exploitation occurs when a nursing home resident's personal funds, property, or assets are illegally or improperly used. Missing personal belongings and/or checks, sudden changes in a will or other financial documents, and unpaid bills may all be signs of exploitation.

Neglect of Basic Needs can include poor hygiene, soiled beds, dehydration, and malnutrition. Victims of nursing home neglect do not receive assistance for basic needs such as bathing, grooming and a clean bed to sleep in. often times basic needs such as water and proper nutrition are not provided for nursing home residents.

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