New York Attorneys Representing Victims of Airplane and Helicopter Accidents Due to Power Lines

While we usually attribute the cause of an airplane accident to mechanical failure or pilot error, some causes of accidents are less obvious. Airplanes and helicopters flying into power lines is surprisingly common. When power lines are unmarked, they can be difficult or impossible for a pilot to see.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a helicopter or airplane accident — or if you have lost a family member in a fatal accident — our law firm can help you pursue compensation for your damages. We are skilled attorneys who have experience investigating these types of accidents to determine cause. Contact a New York airplane accident attorney from our firm to find out more.

Unmarked Power Lines

Contact with high-voltage power lines can be extremely dangerous for both helicopters and airplanes. Even if the aircraft does not crash after coming in contact with a power line, serious damage to the aircraft can occur.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires power companies to put lights or markers on power lines that stand 200 feet or higher. Additionally, power lines crossing bodies of water, in mountainous areas, in valleys or in low areas should have visible markers to alert pilots. These markers are often recognized as a round orange object hovering over a power line.

Because crop dusters are used almost exclusively for low-altitude flying, they usually come equipped with a wire-cutting device on the front of the plane to prevent serious accidents.

If your airplane or helicopter accident was caused by the absence of a power line marker, our firm can help you pursue compensation for damages caused. We will investigate the accident to determine if the power company failed to mark power lines.

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