New York Small Airplane Accident Attorneys

At the law office of Rheingold, Valet, Rheingold, McCartney & Giuffra LLP, we represent individuals who have lost a loved one in a commercial or private airplane accident. If you were injured or a family member was killed on a small aircraft or private jet, learn about your legal options from a New York small airplane accident attorney. Contact us today.

Causes of Small Airplane Accidents

Our law firm can guide you through the legal process of pursuing a claim against a pilot, airplane manufacturer, airport or other party responsible for causing the accident. We are skilled and experienced attorneys who know what investigative steps to take to determine the true cause of the accident. Common causes of a small airplane accident include:

  • Pilot error or inexperience — Many private pilots do not have the experience of a commercial airline pilot, and their flying experience may not be as current.
  • Flying in dangerous weather conditions — Flying in certain weather conditions can be very dangerous for a smaller airplane. Also, pilots need additional training to operate an airplane in dangerous weather conditions.
  • Malfunctioning equipment — If a dangerous or defective mechanical part caused or contributed to the accident's occurrence, we can help you determine an appropriate course of legal action.
  • Missed safety inspections — Inspections are critical to ensuring the safety of an aircraft. If an inspection was missed, the airline or airplane owner may be responsible for any damages.
  • Other contributing factors — We will work to determine if other factors caused or contributed to the accident. Drug or alcohol use, fatigue or substance abuse by the pilot may be a factor.

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