$7.5 Million Record Settlement - Brain Damaged Infant

Tom Valet recently settled a medical malpractice case involving an infant whose breathing tube became clogged with mucous, cutting off her oxygen supply. The child had successfully undergone routine heart surgery at age 4 months to correct a minor heart defect and was in the pediatric intensive care unit at Downstate Hospital in Brooklyn, hooked up to a respirator in the days following surgery. The nursing staff monitoring her care failed to properly suction the endotracheal breathing tube, which became clogged with mucous. The child stopped breathing, and there was a delay in responding by the support staff. By the time CPR was started, the child suffered severe brain damage as a result of lack of oxygen.

The State of New York agreed to the largest settlement they have entered into in a medical malpractice case, agreeing to a settlement with a present value of $7.5 million, which is structured so that it will pay all of this child's medical and rehabilitative needs for the remainder of her life, a potential payout of over $50 million. Alia Robertson v. The State of New York.

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