VA Exposes 1,812 Veterans to HIV and Other Infections

A VA Hospital in Missouri may have exposed 1,812 Veterans to HIV and other virus' such as hepatitis C as a result of improperly cleaning instruments. Certain dental technicians had handwashed dental instruments before putting them into cleaning machines. The technicians were not supposed to handwash the tools, only to put them in the cleaning machines.

Cases of improperly handling medical instruments and spreading infections have received increased attention ever since the case of a Las Vegas area endoscopy center exposing thousands to hepatitis C. The first case that went to trial came back with a judgement of over $500 million dollar against the defendants. Our firm was been extensively involved in the Las Vegas Endoscopy litigation.

If you have been exposed to infections as a result of a negligent doctor or technician contact the lawyers at Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo & Plotkin LLP to discuss your rights.