Alleged New York Medical Malpractice Claims a Holocaust Survivor

A recent suit was filed against Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn for an 88-year-old Jewish Holocaust survivor. Joseph Skakun died at age 88 this past April, and it's alleged that improper reading of diagnostic tests, improper treatment and failure to monitor the Holocaust survivor caused his death. The negligent hospital death is reminiscent of Andy Warhol's death linked to medical malpractice following a simple gallbladder surgery.

The irony with Skakun's death is that he escaped death many times in his life, starting with the 1941 massacre and utter destruction of his Jewish hometown in Poland. Surving through World Ward II forced him to assume many fake identities, including at one point pretending to be a Nazi.

In a further irony, Maimonides treats more Holocaust survivors than any hospital in the nation. Skakun's life is told in "On Burning Ground: A Son's Memoir."