New Interactive Map Presents NYPD Crash Data

By Thamanna Hussain

Personal injury litigation firms in New York City like ours are too familiar with certain intersections, so this news interested us. A new mapping tool created by John Krauss, a freelance web developer, can now analyze two years of NYPD crash data. The map can break down the information by category and highlight cash-prone areas, which will prove to be useful to advocates, and citizens who strive to improve safety of neighborhood streets. With this handy tool, anyone with access to Internet can locate where traffic crashes are happening in their area.

The map additionally displays data regarding collisions involving no injuries, cyclist injuries, passenger and pedestrian injuries, and motorist injuries. Individuals using the map can automatically zoom out for greater data or zoom in for more specific data. Data is drawn from Excel files, which NYPD began posting within the last year.

At Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo & Plotkin LLP, we have handled numerous vehicle safety cases and are happy to see new tools being made to identify and avoid traffic crashes. Krauss' map will update automatically each month, and will reflect historical data updates from NYPD. You can also download NYPD data in CSV form off Krauss' site. Updates will be tweeted @crashmapper.