Previously confidential documents are being revealed at the trial for plaintiff Loren Krantz in Los Angeles. One scary revelation was a DePuy pre-market test of the ASR which showed a 16x higher release of metals over an older model, the Pinnacle. One employee stated it would be "suicide" for the product if this information was released. DePuy is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, the troubled drug company plagued by recalls, fines and litigation.

Mr. Kranz is a Vietnam veteran suffering from cancer which complicated his 2012 revision surgery for high metal levels. He got an expedited trial date as his condition is terminal. The cancer is not claimed to be caused by metallosis but has complicated his treatment for metallosis.

In opening statements, plaintiff attorneys painted a picture of a company that was fully aware of the ASR's design defects and did nothing to correct them. In fact, they publicly denied problems and continued to sell the remaining ASR inventory after it was internally decided to end manufacturing. Our firm has over 100 cases and is closely monitoring trials for our clients.