Amsco/Steris Surgical Beds Collapse Causing Patient Injuries

The Amsco 3085 hospital bed, designed for surgical use, has proven to be drastically defective with continual events of the bed collapsing involuntarily during surgery. A defective hospital bed in any case is dangerous, but a collapsing bed during surgery could bring about serious injuries, if not fatalities.

Steris, the manufacturer of this defective surgical table, claims it to be "one of the most reliable and popular surgical tables." However, in hospitals across the US, there have been numerous instances where the table power and/or handheld positioning controls have failed or the table itself has collapsed.

An FDA report suggests the malfunctions of the table are likely caused by the intrusion of liquids into the handheld position control which is not fluid-proof or watertight. Whether or not this has been the cause of malfunction in each case, the widely used surgical bed is, undoubtedly, not up to satisfactory standards. The Rheingold legal-medical team can investigate and confirm if you or a loved one has been injured by a defective bed, and a Rheingold firm litigation team is prepared to litigate on your behalf no matter where the injury occurred.