New York children may be at risk of circumcision injuries

Although the custom of circumcision has an extremely long history, the procedure is not without its own unique dangers, and families may experience significant hardships should things go wrong. Botched circumcision risks threaten the more than 50 percent of male babies who receive the surgery in American hospitals, and when medical staff fail to conduct the procedure correctly, complications result in reduced quality of life for entire families. Our lawyers understand the hazards of circumcision, and we may know how to help when you and your loved ones suffer after a bad surgery.

We offer dedicated representation for families that seek compensation after circumcision incidents that resulted in birth injuries. Outcomes like anesthesia-related complications, infection and excessive bleeding can all lead to increased care costs for new parents and threaten the developmental health of their children. Seeking compensation may help victims offset such expenses in the end, and we take pride in offering guidance so that you can build a stronger legal argument.

In addition to maintaining a staff of lawyers who understand the nuances of compensation and malpractice law, we retain a team of professional nurses who can clarify the unique technical matters that might ultimately decide the outcome of your case. We strive to establish whether your child's injury was due to a doctor's negligence, a hospital staff member's inexperience or an institutional failure to take appropriate safety measures so that you may be able to target the at-fault party and might your chances of receiving compensation.

Harm caused by botched circumcisions and other forms of improperly administered postnatal care may be related to a number of factors, including the use of deficient equipment. Learn more about your legal remedies and options by visiting our page on birth and circumcision injuries.