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The DePuy ASR XL Hip Replacement System was introduced to the United States in 2005. DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, advertised their new system as a "high performance hip replacement". Advertisements showed people running on the beach and performing other high impact activities. The system is made up of metal on metal components which, as they wear, generate significant amounts of debris that can cause severe inflammation, damage muscles and other soft tissue which can lead to a follow up operation to replace the device.

It was designed with a shallower cup than other hip implants which many orthopedic specialists believe is what is responsible for its higher failure rate. Since 2008 the FDA has received around 300 complaints where patients had to have the device replace soon after it was implanted. In 2009 the DePuy voluntarily withdrew the system from the Australian market. In March 2010 DePuy stopped selling the ASR XL system in the United States but insisted that this was not a recall of the product. Finally in August 2010 DePuy announced a voluntary recall of their system in the United States. You can also read more about the recall on our blog.

The field of orthopedic surgery is rapidly changing with new techniques and innovations giving hope to those who previously had none. Sometimes, however, medical devices and procedures are hastily pushed forward without proper testing and it creates a dangerous situation for patients.

Our firm is investigating claims and numerous adverse event reports made to the FDA arising from DePuy Hip Implant failures.

We are filing cases in federal and state court and determining what will be in the best interests of our clients. Our client protected page is constantly updated with the latest information on both litigations and is available to all client who have retained our firm for representation.

If you think your DePuy cup is failing, that is a medical matter which should be discussed with your doctors. They are the ones best suited to investigate failures.

We realize for most clients this will be the first time they have been involved in litigation. We start working with you immediately on urgent maters such as:

  • How to identify if you have a recalled product
  • What, if any, contact should you have with DePuy's hired insurance company, Broadspire
  • What are the serum tests being done for metal particle disease, also known as metallosis, cobalt poisoning and chromium poisoning?
  • Preservation of hip implant hardware as evidence
  • We can discuss with you DePuy's medical advice given to patients and doctors regarding hip failure diagnosis, such as x-rays
  • What are the litigation and settlement prospects, and how these directly relate to your specific injury

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