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New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual harassment disrupts the comfort and well-being of victims. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is rarely tried as a criminal offense.

This leaves victims feeling like they have limited options for holding offenders accountable for their actions.

However, there is another way for the victims of sexual harassment to hold offenders legally responsible — in civil court.

Through a lawsuit, sexual harassment victims can recover compensation for the damages caused by an offender.

The New York sexual abuse and assault lawyers of Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP can help you hold offenders and other responsible parties accountable.

By filing a lawsuit, you can receive compensation for the damages you have suffered due to sexual harassment.

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What Qualifies as Sexual Harassment?

Sexual behaviors or comments that are directed toward another person are considered sexual harassment if the actions are completely unwanted by the receiver.

Although sexual harassment is commonly associated with incidents that occur in the workplace, it can happen anywhere.

As long as sexual comments or behaviors are being forced upon a person who has not consented to such action, the incident can be considered sexual harassment, regardless of the location of the incident.


Behaviors that could be considered sexual harassment may include:

  • Sexual comments
  • Groping/touching
  • Sharing sexual images or videos
  • Sending sexual messages via text, email, etc.
  • Asking or forcing someone into sexual acts


About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace sexual harassment is one of the most common types of sexual harassment that occurs.

The state of New York requires all employees to complete sexual harassment training to educate workers and prevent incidents.

Businesses are also required to have a detailed sexual harassment policy in place that describes how reports will be handled.

If you are facing workplace sexual harassment, your employer could be held liable in civil court for failing to prevent or properly respond to sexual harassment in your place of work.

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Third-Party Liability for Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment claims can be directed toward the person who committed the act(s) of harassment, and/or toward other parties who are responsible for allowing sexual harassment to occur.

An entity may be held liable in a sexual harassment case if they are found negligent in fulfilling their responsibilities to prevent harassment in their organization.

For example, an employer can be found liable for damages if they ignore the actions of their workers and allow sexual harassment to continue at their place of business.

Or, a university could be liable in a sexual harassment case for ignoring a student’s reports of sexual harassment by a faculty member. These parties could be found liable for negligence and ordered to pay damages in a sexual harassment lawsuit.


Who Can Be Held Liability?

Entities that may be found liable for negligence in a sexual harassment claim may include:

  • Employers
  • Schools and universities
  • Businesses
  • Religious organizations


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Throughout your case, we will provide you with support and legal guidance.

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