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Self-Driving Car Accidents

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New technological advances have allowed us to develop self-driving, semi-autonomous cars, but are they more or less safe than the way of driving we have been accustomed to over the last 200 years? This is an area of the law that will become a significant part of our firm’s practice in the years to come.Self-Driving Car Accidents

The way cars drive may change, but the injuries and consequences associated driving will not. While we may see a decrease in a number of car accidents with the use of self-driving cars, accidents can and will still happen.

Who Is Liable?

The legal field is still trying to wrap its head around how car accidents involving autonomous cars will be handled. Who will be responsible? The driver? The car manufacturer? The software developer?

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Dangers Associated With Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are an exciting new development for a growing number of consumers. However, there are new dangers and issues associated with these vehicles that have not yet been confronted by regulators and manufacturers.

These dangers include:

  • Cars cannot interpret human signals: In the event of an accident, if a police officer must direct traffic the car would be unable to follow the commands of the officer because technology is not at a point where cars can interpret human signals.
  • Computers can malfunction: A malfunction of the car’s computer can place the driver in a more dangerous situation than if the owner was driving the car themselves.
  • Relying on the GPS: GPS devices may not always be accurate and the map may not always have the most up to date information, which can cause the owner to end up in an area that may not have intended to go to.
  • Interaction with conventional cars: When self-driving and conventional cars share the road, the risk of accidents for conventional cars can be elevated as the car’s computer may not be able to anticipate or react to the behavior of a vehicle manned by a human the way a conventional driver would.
  • Autonomous cars as weapons: Terrorists or other criminals could program explosive-packed cars to become self-driving cars or hackers could try and interfere with cars’ computer systems.

If you or a loved one have been hurt by a self-driving car, then you need a firm ready to take on this cutting-edge area of personal injury law. Request a free consultation with our New York car accident lawyers today.