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New York Medication Error Lawyers

Get Proven Medical Malpractice Counsel in Your Corner

Medical professionals have always faced a challenge in consistently prescribing and dispensing the correct medications in the correct amount. Now, with shorter patient visits and a smaller medical staff, fewer people are responsible for providing drugs in less time. The result? An increased risk of injuries and wrongful death through medication errors.

At the New York City personal injury law firm of Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP, we are highly qualified for and experienced in handling medication error legal claims. We’ve recovered billions of dollars for our clients over the last 50+ years and know what it takes to secure results and peace of mind for our clients.

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Our Experience with These Claims

Many firms claim that they can “take on” medical malpractice claims, but few truly have the experience and resources needed to navigate this complex and highly technical branch of the law. Our firm has handled countless malpractice claims—including dozens of medication error matters that endangered the well-being of our clients. Learn more about our lead medical malpractice attorney, Edward Ruffo.

We have handled cases involving:

  • The dispensing of an incorrect drug that has a name similar to the correct one
  • The misplacing of a decimal point (so that, for instance, a patient receives 12 grams of a drug instead of 1.2 grams)
  • A doctor’s poor handwriting
  • Pharmacists’ carelessness
  • The incorrect transcription or interpretation of prescription information
  • Any mistake or careless negligence that leads to a dangerous overdose of medication
  • The prescribing of a drug that has a known interaction with another drug the patient is taking

Why Choose Our Firm?

Our law firm practices in the general area of personal injury but, unlike many firms, we have a long-standing focus on medical malpractice law. We regularly work with medical experts to substantiate our clients’ claims and ensure that any wrongdoing that has occurred to them is vividly put forth.

Our credentials and involvements include:

  • Hundreds of medical malpractice cases handled
  • Dozens of seven-figure settlement and jury awards in medical malpractice cases, including $9 million, $7.5 million, $6.4 and $4.1 million awards

Additionally, our New York medication error attorneys are firmly committed to the area of medical malpractice. Our team includes authors and lecturers regarding medical malpractice and an attorney included on the New York medical malpractice Super Lawyers list.

Also, our team includes attorneys who have served or currently serve in the capacities of:

  • Member of the national steering committee in the NuvaRing litigation
  • National officer of the American Association for Justice
  • Chairman of the Medical Malpractice Committee of the New York State Bar Association
  • Chair of the Medical Malpractice Committee of the Bar Association for the City of New York

If you believe that you or a loved one suffered from a preventable medication error, our New York medical malpractice lawyers are ready to hear from you. We often work on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients owe us nothing until we recover the compensation they deserve.

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