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3M Enfrenta Juicio Por Infección Ortopédica Catastrófica
Abogado de Empleo y Salario de Nueva York
Abogados de Accidentes de Construcción en Nueva York
Abuso sexual en la iglesia
Accidentes de Andamios
Accidentes de Edificios
Accounting Malpractice
Aceras Peligrosas
Adult Survivors of Abuse
AFFF Exposure
Anesthesia Errors
Automobile Injuries
Aviation Accidents
Bair Hugger
Bard 3D Max Inguinal Hernia Mesh
Bard Perfix Plug Inguinal Hernia Mesh
Bard PowerPort Lawsuit
Bard Ventralight ST Hernia Mesh
Bed Sores
Bicycle Frame Failure
Birth Injuries
Birth Injury FAQ
Brachial Plexus Injury
Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer
Building Accidents
Bus and Subway Accidents
Caídas de Escaleras
Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Attorneys in New York
Can I Report Rape Years Later?
Can I Sue My Doctor for Sexual Misconduct?
Can I Sue My Landlord for Lead Poisoning in New York?
Car Accidents
Cardiac Arrhythmia
Case Results
Causas de los accidentes de construcción en Nueva York
Cerebral Palsy
Chemical Exposure
Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers
Child Sexual Abuse Q&A
Colon Cancer Screening
Commercial Airline Accidents
Construction Accidents
Consumer Fraud
Contact Us
Contractual Malpractice
Covidien Symbotex Hernia Mesh Lawsuits
da Vinci Robotic Surgery System
Dangerous Drugs
Darius Paduch Sexual Abuse Survivor Lawyer
David B. Rheingold
David Rheingold
Death From Robotic Surgery
Deep Cut Surgery
Defective Drugs FAQ
Defective Medical Devices
Dental Bacterial Endocarditis
Descuido problemas potenciales para muchos nursing home pacientes
Developmental Delays
Diagnosis & Treatment of Infections
Doctor De Minnesota Crea Un Dispositivo Que Salió Mal
Doctor Sexual Abuse Lawyer
Drug Interactions
Drug-Induced Liver Damage
Drunk Driver
Ectopic Pregnancy
Edward A. Ruffo
Eliquis #2
Emergency Room Errors
Encore Hip Implant Litigation
Epstein Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits
ER Diagnosis Errors
Erb’s Palsy
Errors in Surgery
Errors in Triage
Es El Dispositivo Bair Hugger Un Peligro Para Pacientes?
Exactech Connexion GXL Acetabular Liners
Eye Drops with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacteria
Failure to Diagnose & Prevent Heart Attack
Failure to Diagnose Breast Cancer
Failure to Properly Interpret MRI Films
Falling Debris
Familias de Víctimas de Accidente en Nueva York destacados en una NYC Campaña contra la conducción peligrosa
Fetal Distress
Filing Third Party Claims in Construction Accident Lawsuits
Fire Hazards
Firm Overview
Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Laws  
Gynecare Prolift
Harvoni and Sovaldi
Hernia Mesh
Hernia Mesh Surgery
Hip & Knee Complications
Hip Implants
Historias De Interes Para Nuestros Clientes
Hombre En Nueva York Muere Después De Esperar 8 Horas En La Sala De Espera En El Hospital
Home Heaters
Hospital-Acquired Infections
How Can I File a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse in New York?
How Do You Prove Sexual Assault in a Civil Case?
Implanted Devices
Infant Brain Damage
Insulin Pens
Invokana & Farxiga
IVC Filter Injury
Jeremy Hellman
Jeremy Hellman
Ladder Falls
Lasik Eye Surgery
Laundress Injury Lawsuits
Laverne Wilkinson, Víctima De La Mala Práctica Médica, Muere De Cáncer Que Debería Haber Sido Tratado
Lead Paint Poisoning
Legal Malpractice
Lithium Ion Batteries
Mala Práctica Médica
Más de $20 millones pagado por lesiones en un patio de recreo
Mass Torts
Medical Malpractice
Medication Errors
Medtronic Paradigm Quick-Set Infusion Sets
Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Implantable Device
Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Lead
Mentor First
Mirena #2
Misdiagnosis of Cancer
Misread Mammograms
Misread Test Results
Motorcycle Accidents
MRSA Infections
Muerte por Negligencia
Muertes y Lesiones Causadas Por Conductores Eviar Mensajes de Texto: 100% Prevenible
National Bard Composix E/X Hernia Mesh Litigation Attorneys
National Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Patch Litigation Attorneys
National Bard Ventralex Hernia Mesh Litigation Attorneys
Negligencia en la Seguridad
New York Bard Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorneys
New York Bicycle Accident Attorneys
New York Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer 
New York Crane Accident Lawyer
New York Diet Drugs Attorneys
New York EpiPen Lawyers
New York Exactech Shoulder Replacement Attorneys
New York EzriCare and Delsam Eye Products Lawsuit Attorneys
New York Falls From Heights Lawyer
New York Gynecare Prolift Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers
New York Labor Laws 220, 240 and 241
New York Lead Paint Laws
New York Office
New York Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro Attorneys
New York Pudendal Nerve Injury Mesh Attorneys
New York Stroke Misdiagnosis Lawyer
Nuestra Litigo En Brooklyn Por Juicios De Malapractica Medica
Nuestra Litigo En El Condado De Westchester Por Juicios De Malapractica Medica
Nuestra Litigo En Nueva York Por Juicios De Malapractica Medica
Nuestra Litigo En Queens Por Juicios De Malapractica Medica
Nuestra Litigo En Staten Island Por Juicios De Malapractica Medica
Nuestro Litigios De Negligencia Médica En El Bronx
Nuestros Abogados
Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing Home Illness
NYC School Sexual Abuse Lawyer
NYCHA Lead Paint Lawsuits  
Obstetrical Malpractice
Overdose of Medication
Pancreatic Cancer
Paul D. Rheingold
Paul Rheingold
Pedestrian Accidents
Personal Injury
Phillips CPAP & BiPAP Machines
Playground Accidents
Police and Firefighter Accidents
Police Brutality: Excessive Force
Por Un Guardia De Cruce Ir Al Baño, Un Niño De 6 Años Murio En Harlem, Nueva York
Power Line Accidents
Practice Areas
Preguntas y Respuestas Sobre un Caso de Abuso Sexual Infantil
Premises Liability
Prescription Medications
Priest Abuse
Privacy Policy
Product Liability
Professional Negligence
Proton Pump Inhibitors
Queens Construction Accident Lawyer
Qui Tam, Whistleblower Lawsuits and False Claims
Rape & Sexual Assault
Rear-End Collision
Reglan Injuries
Riesgos de Lesiones Asociados con Malla Transvaginal
Robotic Hysterectomy Injuries
Robotic Prostatectomy Injuries
Robotic Surgery Burns
Robotic Surgery Injury
Robotic Surgery Malpractice
Running Red Lights & Stop Signs
Scaffolding Accidents
School Injuries
Self-Driving Car Accidents
Sexual Abuse and Assault
Sexual Abuse and Assault
Sexual Abuse and Assault FAQs
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment in The Workplace
Sherri L. Plotkin
Sherri Plotkin
Shoulder Dystocia
Sidewalk Falls
Skin Cancer Misdiagnosis
Slip-and-Fall Accidents
Sorin Stocker 3T
Spinal Cord Injuries
Stairway & Escalator Accidents
Staten Island Construction Accident Lawyer
Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice Claims
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Stoves/Electrical Appliances
Strattice Hernia Mesh
Stryker Accolade Hip Failure
Stryker Femoral Head LFIT V40 CoCr Hip Implant
Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Implant
Suing Proper Parties
Surgical “Never Events”
Surgical Staplers
Talcum Powder
Talcum Powder & Ovarian Cancer
Taxi Accidents
Tearing Injuries
Thomas Giuffra
Thomas P. Giuffra
Toyota Consumer Fraud
Tracheal Tube Malpractice
Transvaginal Sospechada
Traumatic Brain Injury
Truck Accidents
Types of Nursing Home Injuries
Unnecessary Surgery
Unsanitary Surgery
Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence
Veredicto De 5,7 Millones De Dólares Contra Montefiore Hospital: El Uso Excesivo De Férulas Causa Daño Permanente Al Paciente
Video Center
Wage & Hour
Wanabana and Lead Poisoning Injuries and Lawsuits
What Is Considered Sexually Abusive Behavior From a Doctor?
What Is the Statute of Limitations for Construction Accident Lawsuits in New York?
What is the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault in New York?
Who Is Liable in Birth Injuries?
Will I Have to Testify in My New York Civil Sexual Assault Case?
Worksite Injuries
Wright Hip Implant
Wrong Surgery Site Errors
Wrongful Death
Wrongful Death
Xcela Plus Ports Catheter Lawsuit
Zimmer Durom Cup


.IVC Filters and Blood Clots
“Cancer Moonshot” Initiative For Cancer Victims
“Never Events” — Retained Surgical Items Are More Common Than You Think!
“Punitive” Damages Should Be Just That
Dangerous Chemical Found in Camp Lejeune Water Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
$2.1 Billion Baby Powder Verdict Upheld in Missouri
$327 Million Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson
$5,088,000 Verdict for Pedestrian Hit by Pickup Truck
$5.7 Million Verdict Against Montefiore Hospital: Overuse of Splints Causes Permanent Damage to Patient
$58 Million Verdict Obtained in Lead Poisoning Case
$6.5 Million Verdict in First Actos Bladder Cancer Trial
$9 Million Verdict in Car Accident Case Tried by Tom Giuffra
1,100+ Kids Living in NY Public Housing Test Positive for Lead Paint Poisoning
14-Year-Old Dies After Airplane Defibrillator Malfunctions
16 of The Nations Most Prestigious Universities are Accused of Price Fixing in New Lawsuit
18th Million Dollar Verdict for Partner Thomas Giuffra
2014 Federal Study Found Camp Lejeune Cancer Deaths Higher than Other Bases
2018 European Study Recommends Against Use of Bard Perfix Plug Hernia Mesh
21 Year Old NYU Student Killed By Drunk Driver
22.5% of Defibrillators May Have Received them Unnecessarily
2nd Vaccine Clinical Trial Paused After Participant Becomes Ill
3M Faces Lawsuit for Catastrophic Orthopedic Infection
4-Step Guide to Diagnosing Your Child’s Scoliosis
5 Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims
6-Story Bronx Residential Building Partially Collapses
70’s Show Star Danny Masterson Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Rape
8 hospital errors no longer disclosed
8 Things that Should Never Happen at a Hospital
8-Year-Old Boy Tragically Killed by Truck at Queens Intersection Well-known Intersection for Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths
80 People Injured in New York City Collision Involving Two Buses
A Beginner’s Guide To Hernia Mesh Litigation
A big hospital is no match for a good attorney
A COVID-19 Protocol Update From Judge Difiore
A Critical Time for Courageous Sex Abuse Survivors in New York
A Deeper Look Into Arterial Cord Blood Gas Values
A Doctor’s Mistake that Resulted in a Fatal Consequence
A Nurses’s Big Mouth Stirs Up New York Clinic Lawsuit
A Probe of NYC School Buses Find Tickets for Speed and Running Red Lights
A Recall on Surgical Staplers Due to Patient Deaths
A Welcome Tool for Nursing Home Standards of Care
AAJ Press Release: Patient Safety at Risk with SCOTUS Mutual v. Bartlett
Abbott Accused by Whistle-Blower in Federal Lawsuit of Promoting Cholestoral Drug for Unapproved Uses
Abuse Lawsuit Reveals Disturbing Details of Life in Foster Care
Actos Bladder Cancer Trial Exposes Damaging Evidence
Actos Link to Bladder Cancer Expected to Cause Huge Litigations
Actos Recalled in Europe, FDA Adds to Warning
Administrator fined in nursing home sexual assault review
Aduhelm Side Effects: Known and Unknown
Aduhelm® Alzheimer’s Disease Drug: The FDA Approval Backlash
Advair and Other Asthma Medication Get New Warnings
Advair Sudden Death Litigation
Adverse Tissue Reactions to Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants: New Study Confirms Metallosis Reactions in the Taper Area
Advocacy Group Has a Plan to Eliminate Lead Poisoning in New York City
Advocacy Groups Call For Heart Attack Warnings on Testosterone Drugs
After nine dead infants, hospital suspends surgeries
AG James Recants Promise to Weinstein Sex Abuse Victims, Signs Settlement Deal
Age plays a role in elder sexual abuse convictions
Agreement on Largest Drug Safety Settlement Ever
Alarm Fatigue Can Cause Patient Harm in New York Hospitals
Allegations of abuse and neglect at U.S. nursing homeowners
Allegations of False Reporting Put Yasmin in the Spotlight
An Additional 40,000 Exatech Hip Recall
An Alarming Surge In The Number Of NYC Traffic Deaths
An Overview of Stillbirth
Another Actos Study Confirms Bladder Cancer Increase
Another Article Reveals Risks Associated With MoM Implants
Another Bus Crash
Another Tour Bus Crash Near NYC
Answers to Typical Questions After a Surgical Error
Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Infections on the Rise
Appeals Court Upholds $3.61 Million Transvaginal Mesh Verdict
Are surgeons tweeting or treating?
Are surgical black-box recordings in New York’s future?
As “Lookback” Deadline Nears, Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP Continues Investigating Sexual Assault Allegations Against Prominent Urologist
As COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Expires, So Does Healthcare Worker Immunity
As part of President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, Automakers Will Need to Include Technology that Detects Drunk Drivers in an Effort Stop Alcohol-related Deaths
ASR Implants with a 40+% Failure Rate?
Atrium Hernia Mesh Trial Update
Attaching photos to X-rays could reduce mistakes
Attorney Paul D. Rheingold has been quoted on recent news stories
Attorney Ruffo Earns AV Preeminent® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®
Attorney Thomas Giuffra Featured by Prestigious Media Outlet
Attorney Thomas P. Giuffra Declares Harvey Weinstein Settlement Offer “an Outrage”
Attorneys Ruffo & Giuffra Recognized by The Best Lawyers in America© 27th Edition
Auto Crash Deaths Rise 18% in First Half of 2021
Automobile Accidents: Many Are Preventable
Automobile Injuries from Dangers of Distracted Driving
Avanos Faces FDA Class I Recall After 23 Deaths Associated with Device
Babies are not the only ones to suffer birth injuries
Backhoe Responsible for Death in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY
Bait and switch birthing facilities
Ban on arbitration agreements in nursing homes is placed on hold
Bard & Plaintiffs’ Negotiating Team Ordered to Settlement Table by Judge Edmund Sargus
Bard Faces 4 Bellwether Trials as Pressure Mounts to Consider Settlement
Bard Hernia Mesh Cases and Possible Settlements
Bard Hernia Mesh Cases Settles as Trial Date Loomed
Bard Hernia Mesh Cleared for Trial After Judge Throws Out Defense Motion to Dismiss
Bard Hernia Mesh Ventralight ST Federal Trial Litigation Update
Bard PowerPort Lawsuit – How Bard Hid Behind a Secret FDA Loophole
Bard PowerPort Lawsuit: Allegations
Bard Ventralex Hernia Patch Mesh Trial Set to Start on January 10th
Bard’s Mid-Trial Motion Was a Preemptive Measure That Failed and Should Have
Baxter Found Liable in First Contaminated Herapin Trial
Bayer CEO Under Fire For Roundup
Bayer Opposes Consolidation of Legal Action Brought Against Mirena
Bayer to Pay $1.6 Billion for Defective Essure Contraceptive Problems
Bellwether Hernia Mesh Trial Begins This Week, Will Set Tone for Future Trials/Settlements
Benefits and risks when forceps are used during childbirth
Benicar Litigation Update and New York Times Article
Benicar Maker Fined for Making False Payments to Induce Sales
Benzene Tainted Sunscreens are Recalled Due to Cancer Risk
Better Safety Plans for City Schools: Avonte Oquendo’s Family Files Notice Claim Against City
Bicycle Accident Victim in Astoria, Queens
Bicyclists vs. Unleashed Dogs: The Injured Can Sue Dog Owner for Negligence
Big Pharma and Ghostwriting
Bill to change negligence filing stomped
Bill to Expand Definition of “Serious Injury” in New York
Biologic vs. Synthetic Mesh: What do doctors prefer? Which meshes have lawsuits?
Birth Defect Suits over Zofran Ramp Up
Birth injuries reduced by implementation of safety procedures
Bisphosphonate Drugs Fosamax and Boniva Provide No Clinical Benefit for Women in Pre-Menopause
Bladder Cancer, Colon Cancer, & Prostate Cancer Treatments
Bloomberg News Interviews Rheingold Firm
Boston Scientific Guiding Sheath Recall For Fracture
Boston Scientific Ordered to Pay $100 Million in Transvaginal Mesh Case
Boxer’s family files lawsuit against several defendants
Bronx Building Involved in Tragic Fire Had 2 Dozen Code Violations
Bronx Fire Building Cited For Numerous Health and Safety Violations
Bronx High School Student Dies After Tractor-Trailer Collision on Upper East Side
Bronx Pharmacy Mistakenly Dispenses Methadone to 7-Year-Old Boy
Bronx Woman Falls Through Bathroom Floor into Basement of Apartment Building
Brooklyn Hospital Faces Excessive Number Of Malpractice Claims
Brooklyn Mom Given 6 Months To Live After Kings County Hospital Mistake
Buffalo Families of Plane Crash Victims Get Relief
Burning Crane Crashes into New York Skyscraper Causing Injuries
Bus Crash Settlement for $36 Million
Button Battery Likely Cuase of Death of Young Girl
C.R. Bard Hernia Mesh Issues and Lawsuit Developments
California Tour Bus Company Faces Lawsuit Over Fatal Crash
Camp Lejeune Groundwater Contamination
Camp Lejeune Justice Act Gaining Momentum in Progress
Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Victims See Hope in New House Bill
Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawsuit: Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Victims Receive Settlement Offer from Navy and Department of Justice
Camp Lejeune Water Settlement – DOJ and Navy Begin to Pay Damage Awards
Can a Hospital Be Responsible For Slip and Fall Accidents?
Can a missed illness be negligence?
Can a surgical site infection be a negligence claim?
Can I sue my nurse for wrongdoing?
Can naming your baby prevent hospital errors?
Can senior neglect happen in your own home?
Can You Hold a Chiropractor Liable for Your Injuries?
Can you recover compensation for a birth defect?
Can you sue a nursing home for abuse or neglect?
Caput Succedaneum Can Lead to Serious Injuries
Car Accidents Resulting in Deaths Soaring in New York City and Across Country
Car Manufacturers Know How to Prevent Fuel Fed Fires
Catastrophic New York City Garage Collapse-What We Know
Catholic Church Knows How to Deal with Assets and Liabilities
Catholic Diocese of Albany Files for Bankruptcy
Causes of Construction Accidents in New York City
Changes to VA documents cause concern
Chasing Jeffrey Epstein Beyond the Grave
Child awarded in medical malpractice lawsuit
Child Victims Act Debated, Not Extended Yet
Children’s Sleepwear Recalled
Clergy Abuse of Minors
Closing St. Vincent’s: Who Will Feel the Effects?
CNN May Be on the Hook for Millions if Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Chris Cuomo Proven Substantiated
College Doctor Arrested for Sex Crimes
Columbia University Pays $12.5 Million in COVID-19 Refund Settlement
Columbia University Senate Votes to Address Dr. Hadden Failures
Committee Votes to Change Labels for Onglyza and Nesina
Common Causes of Surgical Errors, Part 1
Common Causes of Surgical Errors, Part 2
Complicated Birth Injuries Require Dedicated Attention
Complications associated with laser surgery
Conflicts of Interest Among Doctors and Device Makers
Congratulations to Jeremy Hellman-a Named Partner in the Law Firm!
Congress Approves Bill to Nullify Forced Arbitration in Sex Abuse Cases
Congress to Hold Another J&J Recall Hearing, World Chair Resigns
Conservative Supreme Court Decision Shuts the Door on Injured Victims
Construction Industry Evolves in Order to Adapt to a Coronavirus Workplace
Construction Site Accidents and Worker Safety
Construction Site Accidents Continue to Plague the City of New York
Construction Site Safety Should be a Concern to All of Us
Construction Worker Falls to His Death at JP Morgan Construction Site in New York City
Consumer Federation of America Claims Insurance Companies Use Software to “Low-Ball” Customers
Consumers Harmed When Drug Companies Misrepresent Side Effects
Continuing Attacks on the Yaz/Yasmin FDA Advisory Panel
Coronavirus Has Changed Everything Including Our Driving
Couple sues hospital after daughter suffers brain damage
Court Awards Plaintiff $417 Million in Johnson & Johnson Suit
Court Orders Higher Verdict In Partner Thomas Giuffra’s Sistrunk Trial
Court Stops Lawsuit, Cold Turkey
Covidien Hernia Mesh Complications: Do I Qualify?
Covidien Hernia Mesh Complications: List of Defective Products
Covidien Hernia Mesh Complications: What is the Value of My Case?
Covidien Hernia Mesh Complications: What Will Happen at My Initial Consultation?
CPSC Consumer Complaint Database
Cranes collapse in New York City causing damage and death
Cranes collapse in New York City causing damage and death
Credentials of Doctors on Pharma Payrolls
Criminal Convictions in Drug Company Fraud…It’s About Time!
Crossing Guard’s Bathroom Break Results in 6-Year-Old Boy’s Death
Cruise Ship Medical Malpractice
Customer Trip and Fall Receives $3,875,000
Cyclist Knocked Down
Cyclists in New York City: Injuries and Fatalities Continue
Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices Marketed to Women, Hurting Women
Dangerous Kidney Side Effects from Proton Pump Inhibitors: Recent Science May Show Why
Dangerous Levels of Lead Flood America’s Markets – FDA Links to Spice Mill in Ecuador
Dangerous New York City Sidewalks: Courts Making Lawsuits for Injuries More Difficult
Dangerous Prescription Drug Errors, Patients Keep Yourselves Safe
Dangerous Roadways in Queens Confirmed by Elmhurst Hospital Center Study
Dangerous Sidewalks
Dangers Associated with IUD Usage, Including Paragard Arm Fractures
Dangers of NuvaRing’s Third Generation Progestin
Darius Paduch Victims and Family Testify in Criminal Trial
Deadline for Independent Victim Compensation Program for Catholic Dioceses in New Jersey Has Been Extended
Deadline Set for Filing Sex Abuse Cases Against Boy Scouts
Deadly Infections Behind Closed Hospital Doors
Deadly Scaffold Collapse in Manhattan
Death of Ad Executive Leads Father to Sue
Death of Joan Rivers prompts medical safety questions in New York
Deaths and Injuries from Texting Drivers: 100% Preventable
Defense Motions Denied, Hernia Mesh Trial to Go Forward in January
Dementia Drugs Linked to Serious Weight Loss
Dentist to Pay $3 Million Verdict for Ignoring Infection
Depuy Employees Admit to Poor Testing and Doctors’ Complaints
DePuy Pinnacle Hip Implant: Litigation to be Consolidated
Depuy’s ASR and Pinnacle Hip Implant Woes Continue
Despite Record Settlement GlaxoSmithKline Continues to Deny Zofran May Cause Birth Defects
Device Can Quickly Identify Bacteria that Cause Deadly Sepsis Infections
Diagnostic errors are a big problem in medicine
Diagnostic Errors as Basis of Good Medical Malpractice Suit
Did Social Media Pressure Bayer into Settling Essure Lawsuits?
Diocese of Metuchen Lawsuit Alleges Former Cardinal Ran Sex Cabal out of NJ Beach House
Diocese of Rochester Submits $35 Million Bankruptcy Plan to Resolve Sex Abuse Cases
Diocese of Rockville Centre Files for Bankruptcy, Stopping Sex Abuse Lawsuits
Diocese of Syracuse Agrees to Pay $100 Million to Settle Bankruptcy Claims
Diocese of Syracuse Priest Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges Against a Minor
Diocese Settles 1st Priest Abuse Lawsuit
Distracted By ‘So Much Sun’, NYC Yellow Cab Driver Injures Man in SoHo Friday
Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, and the Holidays
DIU Paragard – Riesgos para la salud, roturas y cirugía de extirpación para mujeres
Do I Have a Hernia Mesh Case That Can Be Settled?
Do Robotic Surgeries Outweigh the Cost?
Do You Think a Surgeon Would Tell You If There Was an Error During Surgery?
Doctor Discipline Rate Drops, Complaints Rise
Doctor Failed to Recognize Cancer Symptoms Leading to Plaintiff Verdict
Doctor involvement in the spread of measles
Doctor receives major grant to study perinatal brain injuries
Doctor Study Shows Why Robot Fails
Doctors are Cheating on Exams
Doctors may not report the errors of others
Doctors Often Fail to Promptly Diagnose, Treat Lung Cancer in Nonsmokers
Doctors That Don’t Listen Are Dangerous
Does the FDA Really Protect Patients from Defective Medical Devices?
Don’t Be Intimidated, Be Empowered
Donald Trump Among Those Sued Under New York’s Adult Survivors’ Act
Dozens of Women Sue for Illegal Videotaping of Medical Procedures
Dr. Darius Paduch Awaits Sentencing After Being Convicted on All Counts of Sexual Abuse
Dr. Darius Paduch Criminal Trial Underway
Dr. Darius Paduch Guilty
Dr. Darius Paduch-Medically Necessary vs. Medically Predatory?
Dr. Darius Paduch’s Sex Abuse Spurs New Patient Safety Guidelines
Drug Advertisement Claims: Fact or Fiction?
Drug Companies Bribing Doctors to Prescribe Unlawful Products
Drug Companies Voluntarily Pay the Price for Bribing Doctors to Promote Powerful Anti-Psychotics in Children
Drug makers of Tygacil are warned by FDA because of its high risks
Drugs being given to enhance academics
Drugs That May Cause Hearing Loss
Ecuadorian Company Never Tested for Lead in Wanabana Debacle
Elder abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities
Elder abuse posted on social media
Elderly patients left in abandoned facility
Electric Scooters and Bikes Bring New Safety Challenges to the Big Apple
Elmiron Dangers
Emergency gallbladder surgery more likely to have complications
End nursing home neglect with the help of an attorney
Enteropathy Due to Diovan (Valsartan)
ER wait times are concerning
ERBS Palsy and Shoulder Dystocias
Estrategitas Republicanos y Cofundador del Grupo de Anti-Trump es una de las Muchos Acusados de Mala Conducta Sexual
Ex-NFL Players Blame League for Brain Injuries
Exactech Faces More Than 1,500 Lawsuits Over Recalled Knee, Hip, and Ankle Replacements
Exactech Hip Recall Update
Exactech Hip, Knee, and Ankle Lawsuits Consolidated in NY Multidistrict Litigation
Exactech Knee Replacement Recipient Gets Devastating News, Sues Exactech
Executives of DePuy to Testify in Hip Implant Lawsuits
Expert Panel links Biphosphonates to Femur Fracture, Wants New Labels
Experts Find Birth Experience More Traumatic Than Commonly Thought
Experts say All-Metal Hip Replacements Should Not Be Used; May Lead to Cancer
Experts speak out about medical errors
Exposed to Contaminated Insulin Pens?
Extension of Special Filing Period Under the Child Victims Act Causes Thousands of Ex-Boy Scouts to Come Forward
Failing Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants May Pose Health Risks by Releasing Toxic Nano-Particles
Failure to Diagnose Scoliosis in Children
Fair Compensation for Birth Injury Claims
Falsified Drug Testing Data No Hurdle For FDA Approval
Families of New York Accident Victims Featured in NYC Campaign Against Reckless Driving
Family claims elderly relative was neglected at nursing home
Family of Bill Paxton’s Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settled
Family of brain-damaged boxer to file lawsuit
Family of Woman Killed by Dump Truck in Union Square, New York City Sues City
Family sues doctor who walked out of surgery
FAQs for Bicycle Accidents and Civil Lawsuits
Farmindale High School Bus Crashes Killing 1 and Seriously Injuring Five Students
Fatal medical errors common
Fatal Medication Errors Peak in July
FDA Alert for Lariat Suture Delivery Device
FDA Approves Laser-Assisted IVC Filter Removal for Filter Fractures, Migration and Vessel Wall Perforations
FDA Changes Warnings on Ibuprofen and Other NSAIDs
FDA Class I Recall for MicroPort Hip Implant
FDA Clot Device Advisory
FDA Creates New Metal-on-Metal Warning Page After Recalls
FDA Evaluating Increased VTE Risk Associated with Yasmin, Yaz Birth Control Pills
FDA Finally Looks to Tighten Cyber Security on Medical Devices
FDA Has Received More Than 1,600 Adverse Events Concerning Paragard IUD
FDA Inadequately Informs the Public of Drug Recalls
FDA Investigating Essure Birth Control Device for Related Health Issues
FDA Issues Class I Recall for Tiger Paw System II for Tears and Bleeding in Heart Tissue
FDA Links Biphosphonates and Femur Fractures
FDA May Strengthen Rules on External Defibrillators
FDA Panel Backs Easing Diabetes Treatment Restrictions
FDA Panel Chair Sees “No Reason” to Use Metal-on-Metal Implants
FDA Panel to Convene on Bisphosphonate Drugs
FDA Plans New Prescription Label for Pregnancy Risks
FDA Proposes Order Requiring Philips Respironics to Refund, Repair, or Replace Defective Devices
FDA Revises Warning Labels For Diabetes Drugs Invokana & Invokamet
FDA Safety Regs Under Scrutiny
FDA Strengthens Warning and Prescribing Instructions for Feraheme
FDA Takes Action to Protect Consumers from Potentially Dangerous Dietary Supplements
FDA Takes Unprecedented Step to Hire Experts in Metal-on-Metal Poisoning Crisis
FDA Targeting Diet Drugs for Heart Studies (Deja Vu All Over Again)
FDA To Launch Study on Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Ball-Head/Stem-Taper Junction Corrosion
FDA Updates SGLT2 Warnings for Invokana and Farxiga
FDA Warns of Blood Acids from SGLT2 Drugs
FDA Warns of Possible Risk of Amputation from Invokana
FDA Warns of Serious Liver Injury Risk with Hepatitis C Drugs Viekira Pak and Technivie
FDA Warns Paragard About Omitting Safety Warning
FDA Warns that Use of Heater-Cooler Devices are Associated with Nontuberculous Mycobacteria Infections
FDA Warns, Pfizer’s Chantix Associated With Seizures and Lower Alcohol Tolerance
FDA, DOJ File Complaint Against Medtronic Over Faulty Pain Drug Pumps
Federal Consolidation For Stryker Metal-On-Metal Hip Implant Litigation
Federal Jury Awards Obtryx Transvaginal Mesh Plaintiffs $18.5 Million
Film Director Ordered to Pay $7.5 Million in Civil Damages to Woman Who Accused Him of Rape
Finally, Justice for Veterans with Camp Lejeune Justice Act
Finding information on physicians’ misconduct may be difficult
Finding the right fit for your medical malpractice claim
Fire during surgery leaves woman unable to speak
Firm’s $500,000 Pre-trial Settlement for Ruptured Artery: Metropolitan Hospital, New York City Health and Hospitals Corp
First Depuy Lawsuit Underway
First Mirena Suit Filed in MDL Litigation
First Steps to Take in a Medical Malpractice Case
First Trials Scheduled for Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuits
First Zantac, Now Chantix Found to Have Higher than Acceptable Levels of Cancer-Causing Agent
Five Boston Scientific Vaginal Mesh Cases Transferred to Florida
Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics may be Associated with an Increased Risk of Aortic Aneurysm/Dissection
Fluoroquinolone Use Restricted According to FDA Suggestion
Forgotten surgical tools harm patients
Former Catholic Cardinal McCarrick Faces Criminal Charges Over Sex Abuse
Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety
Former NY Bishop Admits to Covering Up Priest Abuse
Former President of Recording Academy Neil Portnow Sued for Rape
Fosamax and other Biophosphonate Users Need More Vitamin D
Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, Reclast and Bisphosphonate Consolidation
GAO Report Criticizes FDA on 510k Process
Gardasil Is a Controversial HPV Vaccine-Here’s Why
Generic Drug-maker Settles Whistleblower Suit for $500 Million
Generic Manufacturers Lose Another Preemption Case
George Floyd: Another Senseless Death
Glaxo to pay 460 Million to Settle Most Avandia Cases
GlaxoSmithKline: The Repeat Offender Busted Again for Peddling Bad Drugs
GOP candidate allegedly left sponge in brain
Governor Cuomo Extends Child Victims Act For Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Granny Cams Growing in Popularity
Greater Risks with Robotic Surgery When Surgeons are Less Experienced
Harmful medication during pregnancy
Harvey Weinstein a Bi-Coastal Abuser
Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Crimes Conviction Upheld in New York
Harvey Weinstein’s Bankruptcy Settlement a Miscarriage of Justice
Healthcare Advocacy Group Lists NY Hospitals as 47th in Country in Safety and Quality of Care Issues
HeartWare Ventricular Assist Systems Class I Recall
Heparin Supplier Warned by FDA… Again
Heparin: Yet Another Dangerous Chinese Product Shipped to the United States
Hernia Mesh Litigation Consolidation Strategies
Hidden camera reveals New York nursing home abuse
High Failure Rate of Strattice Hernia Mesh Leads to Lawsuits
High Levels of Lead Found in New York City’s Parks
Hip Implant Manufacturer Biomet Hit with a $21 Million Verdict in Defective Medical Products Trial
Hip, Knee Implant Patients at Greater Risk for Critical Care Need
Historic Bankrupcty Settlement in Diocese of Rochester
Hold negligent hospitals accountable
Home Health Worker Wanted for Neglect of Elderly Woman
Homeland Security Targets Sean Diddy Combs in Sex Trafficking Raids
Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King
Hospital Acquired Infections Costing Lives and Billions
Hospital Acquired Infections Increase Injuries and Healthcare Costs
Hospital alarms may put patients at risk
Hospital faces malpractice claim after throwing out donor kidney
Hospital faces wrongful death lawsuit in misdiagnosis
Hospital infections cost U.S. billions per year
Hospital Mistakes Are…Profitable?
Hospital negligence is not just bodily harm
Hospital Pays Settlement Due to Unauthorized Filming of Patients
Hospital-Acquired Illness: Who Should Pay?
Hospital-Acquired Infections Show No Sign of Slowing
Hospital-Acquired Infections: Getting Sick at the Hospital
Hospitals Rarely Disclose Errors They Make
How Can I Check My Home for Lead Paint?
How Can I Protect Myself and Loved Ones From Lead Exposure?
How Can I Protect Myself While Riding a Bicycle?
How common are infections at hospitals?
How do I know if my child suffered oxygen deprivation?
How do you distinguish between birth defects and birth injuries?
How instances of wrong-site surgery can be prevented
How is nursing home abuse or neglect defined?
How prevalent are errors by medical professionals?
How the Bard Perfix Plug Hernia Mesh Went to Market Without Proper Testing
How to Choose the Right Lawyer After Your Accident in a Pandemic World
How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Injury Case
How to Prepare for a Motor Vehicle Accident-Forewarned is Forearmed
How vicarious liability works in medical malpractice suits
Human error responsible for fetal asphyxia
Hysterectomy Surgery Side Effects from da Vinci Robotic Machine
If I Take a Stimulant while Pregnant, Will that Affect my Baby’s Health?
If There is Any Question of Wrongdoing, Speak to an Attorney
If You’ve Been Injured by a Bard Hernia Mesh Device, the Time to Act is Now!
IIHS Introduces New Crash Test
Illegal Vaccines Causes Outrage in China
Important Issues Highlighted Prior to Upcoming Bard Ventralex Hernia Mesh Bellwether Trial in March
Improper injection practices continue to cause issues
Improper treatment of simple infection leads to patient’s death
In 33 States, Clergy Are Not Mandatory Reporters of Child Sex Abuse
Inadequate Monitoring of Medical Devices by FDA
Increased Regulation for TVM Devices
Inducing labor may increase the risk of autism
Initiatives underway to protect lives of mothers in childbirth
Injured Victims Voice Outrage Over Johnson & Johnson’s Defective and Dangerous Products
Injuries from Car Accidents and How They Impact Your Life
Internal Johnson & Johnson Emails Reveal Link Between Asbestos and Their Talc Products
Intestinal Damage from Blood Pressure Drug: Benicar Gets Warnings Change
Invega associated with Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Iowa Woman Wins Appeal in her $3.5 Million Defective Biomet Hip Lawsuit
Is Aduhelm Safe? Patient Death Reported to the FDA
Is My Hernia Mesh Failing?
Is the Bair Hugger Device a Danger for Patients?
Is Wegovy Safe? Potential Intestinal Obstructions
It is easier to sue nursing homes
IVC Filter Lawyer Nationally
IVC Filter Moratorium: Less Is More
J&J Faces Sequel to Hip Implant Crisis
J&J Helped Fund 1971 Study Where Asbestos Was Injected Into Prisoners
J&J Settles Five Lawsuits Over Risperdal: A Drug Claimed to Have Caused Breast Development in Males
JAMA Research Letter Confirms Birth Defects from Provigil and Nuvigil
Jeffrey Epstein Abuse Survivors Will Be Eligible for Compensation from Two Bank Settlements
Job Site Accident Plaintiff Receives over $5.5 Million Verdict
Johns Hopkins Malpractice Study: Surgical ‘Never Events’ Occur at Least 4,000 Times per Year
Johnson & Johnson Attempts to Restore Its Standards: Shareholders Sue Management
Johnson & Johnson CEO Stepping Down in 2022
Johnson & Johnson Faulted by FDA for Defective Insulin Pumps
Johnson & Johnson Files for Bankruptcy to Avoid Paying Talc Baby Powder Claims
Johnson & Johnson Served Lawsuit Over Baby Powder By Black Advocacy Group
Johnson & Johnson Wants to Pay $3 Billion Depuy ASR Settlement But Is It Enough?
Johnson & Johnson’s Bankruptcy Rejection: A Win for Victims of Talc-Related Cancers
Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine Stumbles over Blood Clot Allegations
Johnson & Johnson’s Problems Will Not Go Away
Johnson and Johnson Forced to Pay $124 Million on Risperdal Case
Johnson and Johnson Talcum Powder Lawsuit Settlements? Estimator Ken Feinberg Appointed
Johnson’s Baby Powder Suffers Serious Setback in Court
Joint Commision Releases New Surgery Standards
JP Morgan Chase Agrees to Settle Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit for $290 Million
Judge Denies Diocese of Buffalo’s Attempt to Shorten Claims Period
Judge in Bard Hernia Mesh Trial Rules Punitive Damages May Be Sought
Judge Makes Important Ruling in Paragard MDL Cases
Judge Rejects Harvey Weinstein Sex Abuse Settlement
Judge Says CR Bard Likely to Face More Than 10,000 Hernia Mesh Lawsuits
Judge to Allow Punitives in Levaquin MDL
Juries and Jury Trials Return in New York City
Jury Awards Plaintiff $255,000 in 2nd Bard Hernia Mesh Jury Trial
Jury Awards Plaintiff $5.7 Million Over Sling Mesh Incontinence Implant
Justice Denied in Priest Abuse Case?
Justice for Our Veterans! President Biden Signs Camp Lejeune Act
Kings County Hospital pone una etiqueta de precio de medio millón de dólares sobre la vida de Laverne Wilkinson
Kings County Hospital Puts Over a Half a Million Dollar Price Tag on LaVerne Wilkinson’s Life
Kings County Hospital’s Negligence Brings Tragic End to the Life of LaVerne Wilkinson
La FDA advierte a Paragard que no puede omitir advertencias de seguridad
Landmark decision in case involving concierge medicine practice
Larger infants may benefit from early induced labor
Laser Surgery Lawsuits Against Non-doctors on The Rise
Late cancer diagnoses are common for men with breast cancer
Latest Traffic Fatality Stats Show One Demographic Has a Dramatically Higher Instance of Suffering a Fatality from a Car Accident
Lawmaker Suspects Johnson & Johnson’s Knowledge of Harm in Talcum Products
Lawmakers Want to Know What is Happening with 2019 Criminal Marketing Probe of Johnson & Johnson
Lawsuit filed after suicide in hospital
Lawsuits Against Exactech For Product Liability Cases In Knee, Ankle And Hip Implants Will Be Consolidated
Lead in New York’s Public Housing Downplayed, Records Reveal
Lead Paint in Public Housing Remains a Problem in New York
Lead Paint Restrictions Passed by NY City Council, Measures Head to Mayor
Leading Accrediting Agency Releases Best Hospitals List
Legal Marijuana Use and Driving Safety
Legislation Needs to Address Faulty Medical Devices
Liaison Counsel Appointed and Stay Ordered in Philadelphia Xarelto Litigation
Limited 2012 Camp Lejeune Relief Bill Needs to Be Replaced
Limo Driver’s Career Ends in Rear End Accident
Link Between Ozempic and Gallbladder Disease?
Litigation Battle for Cheerleading Concussion and Brain Injuries
Long Time Coming For Birth Injury Claim
Loosened FDA Conflicts Rules May Cause Unwanted Side Effects
Los Hombres Tambien Son Victimas de Abuso Sexual
Low-T Drugs Linked to Heart Attacks in Men
Lung Problems for Newborns
Lyft Driver Charged with Rape
Lyft Driver Lawsuit Another in a String of Sexual Assault Allegations Against the Company
Malnutrition and dehydration in nursing homes
Malpractice Meets Prescription Peddling
Man dies in assisted living facility after drinking detergent
Man dies twice, wife sues
Man Hit by Van Settles for $3,000,000.00
Manufacturing Defects in Titanium Bicycles
Many factors influence the decision to settle a malpractice suit
Marilyn Manson the Latest Hollywood Celebrity to be Accused of Sexual Abuse
Maryland Abolishes Time Limit for Child Sex Abuse Cases
Mass Tort Litigation Rises in New Jersey
Massachusetts Doctor Accused of Sexually Abusing at Least 24 Minors
Maternal Mortality Rates Rise in the United States
McCarrick Report Published by Vatican
Medical Checklists are Saving Lives
Medical Device Approval Changes Outlined by FDA for 2011
Medical Device Guardian’s Act Expands Adverse Event Reporting Requirement
Medical Devices Causing Injuries: Senators Push for Government Investigation of FDA for Oversight
Medical Devices Implanted in Patients Create Risk, Escape Testing
Medical Errors and One Cause that May Surprise You
Medical errors preventable with better communication
Medical errors profitable for some hospitals
Medical malpractice and cerebral palsy
Medical malpractice cases could lead to bad faith claims
Medical Malpractice-Surgical Errors
Medical Malpractice: 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the USA
Medical misdiagnoses can lead to serious complications or death
Medical neglect may be connected to inmate deaths
Medical oversight results in woman’s death
Medical Studies Illuminate Dangers of IUDs, Including Paragard
Medical Watchdog Group Calls for End to FDA 501(k) Process
Medication Errors a Major Concern
Medication Errors Rarely Disclosed to Patients and Family Members
Medtronic Facing Problems with Two Medical Devices
Medtronic Voluntarily Pays $23.5 million Fine to the U.S. Justice Department; Whistleblowers Crucial
Megadyne’s Urgent Recall: MEGA 2000 and MEGA SOFT Devices
Melissa Rivers files medical malpractice suit over mother’s death
Men Are Also Victims of Sexual Abuse
Meningitis Outbreak Death Toll Reaches Fifteen Deaths
Merck’s Woes From Vytorin-Related Shareholder Suits
Metal Implants: Is Anyone Studying the Carcinogenic Potential?
Metal-on-metal hip implants under fire for causing injuries to patients
Metal-on-Metal Pinnacle DePuy Finally Pulled from Market
Michael Olson’s Neighbor Says He Saw Little Girl Always Around Perp’s Apartment
Million Dollar Verdict in Fall on Sidewalk
Minnesota Doctor’s Innovative Device Gone Wrong
Mirena IUD Litigation Consolidated in New Jersey
Miscommunication Can Lead to Serious Surgical Errors
Misconduct in Actos Product Liability Bladder Cancer Trial
Misdiagnosis a Common and Underreported Problem
Misdiagnosis is both common and dangerous
Mistakes During Outpatient Care on the Rise, Study Finds
Mistakes in surgery are still very common
Misused surgical tools
Modifying “Pain and Suffering” Awards: When and Why
More Defective Medical Devices Harming Patients
More DePuy Hip Implant Recall Information Revealed
More Government Fines Against Hospitals for Preventable Medical Errors
More Safety Issues Surface in Wake of Tragic Bronx Fire
More Trouble for DePuy
More Trouble to Transvaginal Mesh Makers: Safety Studies Ordered
Most Doctors Are Repeat Medical Malpractice Offenders
Most Older Doctors Are Not Tested For Competency as They Age
Mother files lawsuit after being pressured to have C-section
Mother of Lead Poisoning Victim Obtains $58 Million Verdict Against the NYCHA
Mother Sues NYC for Fatal Crash
Mother’s death leads push to reform medical malpractice laws
Mount Sinai Doctor Investigated After Inappropriate Behavior
My Bard Perfix Plug Failed, What Do I Do Now?
Myrtle Point Construction Project Marred by Safety Violations But Construction Continues
Myths of medical malpractice reform claims exposed by studies
National Highway Traffic Safety Authority Notes Rise in Traffic Fatalities in New York
Nationwide Data on HAIs and Other Medical Errors Released
Nationwide Recall of Eye Ointments: CVS and Walmart Products Implicated
Nearly 270 Educators Arrested for Child Sex Crimes so far in 2022
Neglect one of many potential problems for nursing home patients
Negligence and medical malpractice alleged in boxer’s injury
Negligence and patient notification
Negligent addiction treatment may lead to malpractice lawsuit
Nerve damage due to use of Avalox, Levaquin and other fluoroquinolones
Nerve injuries from surgical errors
New Bill Aimed to Amend Civil Law and Practice Rules
New Bill Would Require Disclosure of All Clinical Trial Results
New Cancer Inquiries: More Information on the Zantac Recall
New Consumer Report Finds Lack of Medical Care at Prestigious NY Hospitals
New Details Emerge in Vince McMahon 1986 Rape Case
New Drug Safety Bill Introduced Into Congress
New Follow Up Study Finds Increased Risk of VTE With Vaginal Ring
New Italian Study Relates Incretin-Mimetic Drugs to Pancreatitis
New Jersey Agrees To Pay $53 Million To Families Over Covid Deaths At Veterans Homes
New Lawsuits Against GSK For Zofran
New legislation could change how drugs and medical devices are approved
New Pedestrian Hazards for Howard Beach, NY Seniors
New Receommendations for Breast Cancer Screening by American Cancer Society
New Sex Charges for NYC Urologist Darius Paduch
New Study Finds NuvaRing and YYO Increase Risk of VTE
New Study on Increase of Rehabilitation Facility Negligence and Malpractice
New Study Shows 25% of Hospital Deaths Caused by Doctor Errors
New Study Shows Half of US Adults Exposed to Dangerous Lead Levels as Children
New System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes
New tech to record surgical data, may not be admissible in court
New technique may help remind patients to take their medication.
New technology may reduce birth injuries during C-section
New training uses simulators to prepare doctors for surgery
New York Abuse Advocates Push for Adult Survivor Act
New York City Appoints Lead Poisoning Czar
New York City Cracks Down on Dangerous Construction Sites
New York City Dr. Ricardo Cruciani Found Dead in His Cell at Rikers
New York City Housing Authority Blasted by Article in NY Post
New York City Is Back Open For Construction Industry But What About Safety?
New York city report undereports hospital deaths
New York City Still Leads Nation in Construction Site Accidents
New York City’s Supertall Buildings Fashionable and Sleek But Are They Safe?
New York doctor given federal prison sentence
New York Doctor Removes Wrong Kidney
New York Gastroenterologist Zhi Alan Cheng New York Gastroenterologist Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape and Sexual Assault
New York Governor Signs Legislation Protecting Nursing Home Residents
New York hospital-acquired infections decreasing but still deadly
New York Hospitals Forgo Coverage for Malpractice
New York jury awards parents $45 after botched surgery
New York man dies after 8-hour wait in a hospital waiting room
New York nursing home accused of neglect after patient dies
New York nursing home owner uses shady tactics to expel residents
New York nursing homes increasing use of drugs
New York Physician Responsibility: Crack Down on Opioid Epidemic
New York State Assembly Passes Bill Disallowing the Exclusion of Coverage for Damages in Lead-Based Paint Cases
New York Times Highlights Metal on Metal Implant Problems
New York woman charged in connection with missing patient
New York’s Adult Survivor Act Set to Expire November 23, 2023
New York’s Adult Survivor Act Takes Effect on November 24, 2022
New York’s Dakota’s Law an Important Step in Addressing Lead Poisoning in Children
New York’s Scaffold Law Survives the Test of Time, Protecting Workers
Newly Filed Lawsuit: Beware of the Cyclone Roller Coaster at Coney Island- -Especially the First DropNewly Filed Lawsuit: Beware of the Cyclone Roller Coaster at Coney Island- -Especially the First Drop
Newly Filed Medical Malpractice Lawsuit: Yet Another Preventable Medication Error at Montifiore Hospital
NHL Clears Lightning Defenseman Ian Cole of Sex Abuse Allegation
NJ Judge Affirms Punitive Damages Award Against Johnson & Johnson in Baby Powder Case
No Longer the “Ideal Snack for the Whole Family” – Wanabana Lead Contamination Results in FDA Recall
No New Trial for Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch Case
Non-Profit Group Petitioning For Ban of Surgical Mesh Products
Northern Boulevard, Queens: NYCDOT Doing Major Traffic Safety Upgrades
Northern District of Ohio Chosen for DePuy ASR Litigation
Northport VA Hospital Forced to Shut Down Operating Rooms
Not much room for error but still happens
Not So Fast and Furious: The Bike Accident Edition
Nurse charged in nursing home incident
Nurse pleads guilty for neglecting patient with Alzheimer’s
Nursing aide breaks elderly woman’s arm, staff ignores injury
Nursing home abuse by residents
Nursing home abuse on the rise
Nursing home accused of neglect announces staff changes
Nursing home aide facing charges of neglect
Nursing home employees charged after cameras expose negligence
Nursing Home Loses $1.1M in Wrongful Death Suit
Nursing Home Rating System is Broken
Nursing Homes Are a Dangerous Place in a Pandemic
Nursing Homes Are Prone to Commit Errors
Nursing Homes Are Rated by the Government
Nuts & Bolts: Multidistrict Litigations and Maximizing a Client’s Settlement or Trial Verdict
NuvaRing Clotting Risk Doubled When Compared to Other Hormonal Birth Control
NuvaRing Litigation: Bellwether Cases Chosen
NuvaRing: New Jersey Judge Releases Plaintiffs’ Expert Reports Based On Public’s Right Of Access To Judicial Proceedings
NY AG: Governor Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Women
NY Child Victims Act Extended for One Year, Not So For Diocese of Rochester
NY Child Victims Act Must Be Extended
NY City Buildings Commission Issues 1,500 Stop Work Orders at Construction Sites
NY City Subway Train Crash Injures at Least 24
NY Jury Finds Former President Donald Trump Liable for Sexual Abuse
NY State Legislators Call for Insurance for Lead in Rented Homes
NY State Legislature Passes Adult Survivors Act
NY State Legislature Passes Grieving Families Act
NY State Removes Shield Protecting Nursing Homes from Lawsuits Relating to COVID-19
NY Woman Files Paragard Lawsuit After IUD Breaks in Her Uterus
NY’s Grieving Families Act a Step in the Right Direction
NYC Hospitals’ Malpractice Costs Drop by $3 million from Last Year
NYC Housing Authority Buildings Plagued by Security Issues
NYCHA Exposes Thousands of New York City Apartments to Lead Poisoning
NYCHA Residents Skeptical Over Rescue Trust Passage
NYPD Slams into Pedestrians Chasing Larceny Suspect in Bronx
NYU and NYC HHC Settle Death Case for $3 Million
Obese residents strain nursing home resources
Off-Label Marketing Continues Despite Enforcement Efforts
Ohio’s Hands-Off Assisted Living Approach Leaves the Elderly at Risk
One of New York City’s Largest Housing Organizations Under Fire After Sexual Abuse From Chief Executive Is Exposed
One Person Dies in Lacrosse Team Bus Accident
Onglyza May Increase Death Rate According to FDA
Only 251 Hospitals Received Top Scores Under Medicare
Opening Statements Offered in Bard’s Ventralex Hernia Mesh Trial
Organon Knew of Increased Side Effects Even Before NuvaRing’s 2001 FDA Approval
Our Vets Deserve Better-Gulf War Syndrome and the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Debacle
Over $20 Million Paid For Playground Injuries
Owners in nursing home abuse case plead guilty to cover-up
Painter Settles for $4 Million after Workplace Injury
Pandemic Medical Treatment and How it Affects Your Lawsuit
Paragard Arm Break Injuries and Misleading Ads
Paragard Bellwether Trial Update
Paragard IUD – Health Risks, Breakage, and Removal Surgery for Women?
Paragard Lawsuits for Broken Arms: Judge Denies Defendants’ Motion and Lawsuits Continue to be Filed
Paragard Lawsuits May Be Consolidated in Multidistrict Litigation
Paragard Marketing Campaigns Avoid the Most Important Data-Its Dangers
Paragard Settlement Talks to Be Overseen by Court-Appointed Mediator
Paralysis of Arm During Delivery of Newborns
Paralyzed vet awarded $8.3 million
Paraquat and Parkinson’s-What You Need to Know
Paraquat Lawsuits Settlement Pending in California as New Lawsuits Are Filed Across the Country
Parents of Children Killed In Traffic Accident Plea For Traffic Changes
Parents Sue Rehab Facility, Alleging Overmedication Caused Two Deaths
Parkinson’s Disease Emerging as a Major Disease Related to the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination
Partner Thomas Giuffra Enters Trial Verdict Hall of Fame
Patient awarded millions after New York doctor’s misdiagnosis
Patient Dies After Nursing Home Fails to Provide Adequate Care
Patient Dies After Nursing Home Fails to Provide Adequate Care
Patient Safety Events Jumped in 2021
Patients file suit against Olean hospital, others
Patients Need to Know: What is Sepsis?
Pedestrian Accidents, Summer Risks & the Rights of Injured Victims
Pedestrians Frustrated by Pizza Delivery Bicyclers
Pedestrians Have More to Fear than the Coronavirus
Penalties increase for preventable hospital mistakes
Periodic Update Conferences Scheduled for Paragard IUD Injury Lawsuits
Persistent Pulmonary Hyperension In Babies Linked To Use Of Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa — A New Basis For Litigation
PFAS Firefighting Foam Should Be Banned Due to Toxicity
Pfizer Recalls 1 Million Birth Control Pill Packages
Pfizer Recalls Three Blood Pressure Drugs Due to Cancer Causing Compound
PFOA Contaminated Water Found in Hoosick Falls, NY
Pharmaceutical Company Payments to Doctors Raise Ethical Concerns
Philips CPAP Litigation Preservation Order Issued in Personal Injury Cases
Philips Recalls DreamStation Sleep Apnea Machines as Class Action Lawsuit Is Filed
Physicians Not Always Informed of Harmful Drug Recalls
Physicians Payment Sunshine Act
Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Case Conference Date Set by Multidistrict Litigation Judge
Physiomesh Trial Postponed Fueling Settlement Speculation
Pill Pushing Pharmaceutical Ads Often Mislead Consumers
Pitfalls of the Consumer Arbitration Clause
Pivotal Cases on Stillborn Babies and Women’s Rights to Recover Emotional Damages
Plaintiff Awarded $1.5 Million for Defendants’ Neglect of Sidewalk
Plaintiff awarded $250,000 for medical malpractice
Plaintiff sues landlord after fall in the shower and receives verdict of $1,900,000
Pliva v. Mensing Supreme Court Decision: Huh?
PODs Under Senate Scrutiny
Popular Diabetes Medication Linked to Multiple Medical Complications
Popular Heartburn Medicine Linked to Increased Risk of Death
Popular Statin Drug Lipitor Linked to Increase in Diabetes, New Litigation
Port-a-Cath Injuries
Positive Drug Trial Outcomes: Bought and Paid For?
Possible Bacteria in EzriCare Eye Drops: Fatal Consequences
Potential Pattern Found in Medical Malpractice Payouts
Pre-2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee: A Fire Hazard?
Pre-Market Tests Only Telling Part of the Story
Prenatal blood tests carry potential errors
Prescription Drug Poisonings on the Rise
President Biden Signs Legislation For Sexual Harassment Survivors
Preventing medication errors after hospital discharge
Prevention measures for wrong-site surgeries
Prince Andrew Settles US Civil Sex Assault Case
Private Schools Have Been Getting Away With It
Pro-Business Activist Supreme Court Strikes Another Blow At Consumers
Problems with Dialysis Procedures
Problems With the Prius Persist
Producer Accused of Using Social Media to Groom Teen Girls and Sleep with Them
Proposed Medical Malpractice Reform in NY
Protecting Injured New Yorker: Governor Kathy Hochul Signs The Comprehensive Insurance Disclosure Act
Proton Pump Inhibitors and Fosamax Use May Increase Risk of Fractures
Proudly Representing Gender Motivated Violence Victims in New York City
Proving nurse negligence
Pseudomonas Found in Recalled Product: Delsam Pharmas Artificial Eye Ointment
Public Database of Doctor Malpractice and Discipline Info Shut Down
Push to make clinic practices safer
Putting medical error deaths in context
Quantifying the Cost of Medical Malpractice
Queens Gastroenterologist Accused of Drugging and Raping Women
Questions to ask during a doctor visit
Rabbinic Student Struck by City Sanitation Truck
Radiation Scandal Mushrooms in Hospitals Across the Country
Rape at Sea-US Coast Guard Faces Allegations Concerning Sexual Abuse and Harassement of Female Sailors
Reality Show Gets Hospital Fined for Filming Death
Recall of Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular-Neck Stems
Recall on Exactech Joint Replacement Devices: Do I Qualify?
Recall on Exactech Joint Replacement Devices: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Recall on Exactech Joint Replacement Devices: How Much is My Lawsuit Worth?
Recall on Exactech Joint Replacement Devices: Important Dates and Deadlines
Recalled CPAP Machines Continue to Cause Health Problems and Serious Health Concerns for Users
Recalled Sleep Apnea Machines Could Be Giving You Cancer
Recalls of Medical Devices Reach a 2-Year High
Recent declines in hospital errors
Recent Lawsuit Filed by Our Firm: Pharmacist’s Negligent Filling of Prescription
Recognize the signs of abuse
Recognizing bedsores as a sign of neglect
Record judgment award for birth injury
Reflux Drugs Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease
Relationship Between NY Hospital for Special Surgery and Exactech Scrutinized After Wake of Recalls and Hip and Knee Device Failures
Relying on a Rating to Pick Your Doc?
Reports Reveal Doctors’ Trust in FDA on the Decline
Republican Bill Slashes Rights of Medical Malpractice Victims
Republican Strategist and Co-Founder of Anti-Trump Group is One of Many Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Research shows doctors stressed by malpractice claims
Research uncovers growing rate of laser surgical errors
Research: Some Nursing Home Residents Are Abused by Other Residents
Researchers Investigate the Link between Contraceptive Pills and Risk of Prostate Cancer
Researchers Predict Higher American Death Rates Due to Medical Mistakes
Residents of NY City Housing Authority Apartments Live in Disrepair
Rhabdomyolysis Caused By Hepatitis C Drugs
Rheingold Firm #1 in Combined Verdict Values!
Rheingold Firm Commences Mirena Litigation
Rheingold Firm Files First Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Use Of Benicar
Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP File Actos Lawsuits in Federal Court
Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP Files Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit
Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP Files Suit In DePuy Pinnacle Litigation
Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP Yaz Bellwether Cases
Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP: Proud Members of The American Association For Justice
Rheingold Partners All Selected As Super Lawyers
Rheingold Partners Dominate Super Lawyers
Rhode Island Jury Orders Bard to Pay $4.8 Million for Defective Ventralex Hernia Mesh
Rising Problem of Patient Injuries Due to Alarm Fatigue
Risks associated with recieving a transplant
Risks of Injury Associated with Transvaginal Mesh
Rival Hip Implant Company Tried to Block Approval of New Hip Replacement Device
Robotic surgery injuries lead to questions about FDA oversight
Roche’s Questionable Agreement Of Tamiflu Data
Rockefeller Center Taxi-Bicyclist Feud Turns Grisly
Rosewood Heights Nursing Home Rated One of the Nation’s Worst Nursing Homes
Rules of the Road for Bicyclists
Safety Guidelines Are Questioned When Construction Worker Dies from Scaffolding On A NYU Building
Safety of outpatient surgical centers
Saying “I’m Sorry” Really Does Help
Secrets that hospitals don’t tell their patients
Segunda Infección Posiblemente Resultado de Pluma de Insulina en Hospital en Olean, Nueva York.
Self-Driving Cars and Auto Accident Liability
Senate Report Implicates Olympus and FDA in Deadly Bacterial Infection
Senior neglect happens more than we think
Serious Auto Accidents Rose Sharply During Pandemic
Serious Health Issues Related to Herbicide Paraquat
Settlement Disaster Relief Funds
Settlement reached in New York medical malpractice case
Sex Abuse Lawyer Decries Diocese of Syracuse Bankruptcy
Sexual Abuse & Trauma Bonding: Sexual Abuse & New York’s Legal Protection Against Victim Manipulation
Sexual Abuse & Trauma Bonding: Trauma Bonding & the Legal Rights of Victims of Sexual Abuse
Sexual Abuse & Trauma Bonding: Your Legal Rights & Recognizing Abuse
Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church
Sexual Harassment & Assault Lawsuits In Uber And Lyft Rides
Sexual Harassment and Its Prevalence in the Restaurant Industry
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and the Boston Celtics Coach Scandal
Shorter shifts lead to more medical residency errors
Should Medical Errors Be Criminalized?
Significant Appellate Victory on Behalf of Our Clients
Signs of Potential Nursing Home Abuse, Part 1
Six Issues to Consider Before Filing a Medical Malpractice Suit
Small Bites, Big Dangers: Lead Recalls for Weiss and Schnucks Fruit Puree Pouches
Snowy Tragedy Strikes Pregnant Woman in Brooklyn, NY
Social media abuse of nursing home residents
Social Worker Awarded $1 Million after Slipping in Public School
Social worker faces four years on felony abuse charge
Software may help surgeons with spine operations
Some Ignored Tests Showed Evidence of Heart Disease
Some medical professionals have trouble telling right from left
Sometimes Nursing Home Neglect Is Not Easy To Spot
South Nassau Communities Hospital Insulin Pen Use Exposes Patients to HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
Speaking Out for Justice in the Weinstein Bankruptcy
Spice Fraud Leading to Lead Poisoning in Children: FDA Gets to the Bottom of Lead Contamination in Children’s Fruit Purees
St. Jude Device Recalled for Potential ‘Fracture’
St. Jude Heart Implants Experience Fatal Battery Malfunction
State Medical Board Calls For More Stringent Guidelines to Handle Physician Sexual Misconduct
State medical boards not punishing doctors for malpractice
State Senate Debates Bill to Extend Medical Malpractice Deadlines
States Sue Johnson & Johnson Over Pelvic Mesh
Statistics on Hospital Errors Might Be Misleading
Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice in New York State: Lobbying to Protect Patients’ Rights
Stillbirth Malpractice Cases Make Headway in New York
STRATTICE™ Biologic Mesh Litigation Updates: “SCIENCE DAY”
Strict Medical Error Statute of Limitations Remains in New York
Stroke Bleeding Risks after Stenting with Xaretlto and Eliquis Use
Stryker Litigation Moves Toward Mediation and Potential Settlements
Stryker settles through mediation; more cases are expected to be determined
Studies Link Distracted Doctors to Medical Errors
Study connects nurse education to patient safety
Study finds birth injuries are the most common cause of autism
Study finds diagnosis mistakes lead lawsuits against ER doctors
Study Finds Higher Risks with Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella when Compared to Others Birth Controls
Study finds large number of women suffer injuries during delivery
Study finds many medical practices ineffective
Study Finds No Advantage to Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants
Study Finds Smaller Doses of Heartburn Drugs May Benefit Women Just as Well as Larger Doses
Study finds suprising matter on endoscopes
Study finds that half of all surgeries involve an error
Study indicates electronic records may lead to medical errors
Study Results Find Claims in TV Drugs Ads to be Misleading and False
Study reveals biopsy errors common for precancerous cells
Study Reveals Lead Gasoline Lowered the IQ of 50% of US Population
Study Reveals Most Common Causes of Medical Malpractice Suits: Failure to Diagnose and Medication Errors
Study Shows Outpatient Surgical Centers Pose Health Risk
Study Shows Proton Pump Inhibitor Users Twice as Likely to Contract Coronavirus
Study Shows Statins May be Harmful After a Stroke
Study uncovers shocking rate of pancreatic cancer misdiagnosis
Study: Company Employee Warns That Pancreatitis Linked to Popular Diabetes Drug
Subsequent to $13B merger with Biomet, Zimmer to cut staff and close dental headquarters
Suit Filed Against Generic Manufacturer of Zofran
Sulfonylurea May Increase Mortality Rates for Diabetic Patients
Supreme Court Considers New Preemption Issues
Supreme Court Rejects Johnson & Johnson’s Attempt to Dismiss Talc Lawsuits
Surgical errors in New York
Surgical mistakes are more common than you might think
Tainted FDA Advisory Panel Votes for Big Business and Disregards Women’s Safety
Takeda Pharmaceuticals & Eli Lilly’s To Pay $9 Billion In Damages.
Taking Care of Veterans of Camp Lejeune
Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer
Taxotere May Be Reason Behind Permanent Alopecia
TCE at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base
Technology Can Be a Distraction for the Medical Profession
Teenager pronounced brain dead after surgery
Teenager suffers brain damage after cosmetic surgery
Testosterone Drugs Causing Severe and Fatal Heart Complications
Texas Jury Awards $301 Billion to Family Who Lost Loved Ones Because of a Drunk Driver
Texas Medical Malpractice Leads to Leg Amputation, Tort Law Prevents Victim from Recovering Damages!
Texas Woman Victim to Leg Pain and Tort Laws
TGA Recommends Regular Checks on Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants
The American Medical Association Backs Patient-Centered Model of Care to Help Reduce Diagnostic Errors
The applicable standard of care in surgery and medical treatment
The Big Apple and Car Accidents
The Continued Defense of Amgen Provisions
The Damages of Having Lead in Your Home
The Diocese of Rockville Centre, Child Sex Abuse, and the Rule of Law
The Disgusting Truth About Dangerous Surgical Instruments
The End of Fung Wah’s Road
The FDA’s Medical Device Issues
The FDA’s Urgent Recommendations to Healthcare Providers Surrounding The Use of Surgical Staplers
The Government is Taking Away Your Right to Recover for Faulty Medical Devices
The Human Cost of a Defective Hernia Mesh
The many causes of newborn hypoxia
The Plaintiff’s Fact Sheet: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Science of Vehicle Crashworthiness
The Stimulants Provigil and Nuvigil Causing Birth Defects in Newborns, What Risks are to Come?
The types of nursing homes
The Worst Drivers Driving the Worst Cars
There is No Acceptable Level of Lead
Things To Consider On Your Next Hospital Visit: Shift Lengths For Doctors
Thomas Giuffra Begins Trial in St. Catherine MRSA Case
Thomas Giuffra’s $9 Million Verdict is Lead Jury Verdict Reporter Article
Thomas P. Giuffra elected Fellow of the American Bar Foundation
Thomas P. Giuffra inducted as “Advocate” to American Board of Trial Advocates
Thousands of Women Report Paragard Breakage During Removal
Three Things You Should Know Before You Go To The Emergency Room
Tips for hospital patients to protect their health
Tired Trucker Causes Fatal Crash
TNF production is increased by glyphosate in the brain, which has consequences for neurodegenerative diseases
To Fung Wah or Not to Fung Wah: A Personal Perspective
Toddler’s parents sue dentist for wrongful death
Tom Giuffra Wins Plaintiff Verdict of $2.5 Million Against RUMC in Cancer Misdiagnosis
Toro Snowblower Recalled Due to Amputation Risk
Traffic Accidents More Lethal than COVID-19
Traffic Down, Fatalities Rates Soar
Tragic Bronx Fire Leaves 19 Dead and Plenty of Questions
Trainers must provide acceptable care to student athletes
Transparency in Drug Information
Transparency will reduce the incidence of medical errors
Transvaginal Mesh Sales Halted: Johnson & Johnson
Treatment for Erb’s Palsy
Two Major Killers: Drug Poisoning and Car Crashes
Two NYC Construction Site Accidents Result in Tragic Fatalities
Types of brachial plexus injuries
U.S. Department of Justice Investigates Johnson & Johnson for Destroying Litigation Documents
U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation Hears Oral Arguments for Consolidating Biomet Lawsuits
U.S. Stock Market & Investors Alleged To Be Victimized by High-Frequency Traders
U.S. to Provide Grants to Reduce Medical Malpractice Suits
Uber and Rideshare Accidents: What Insurance Pays for My Injuries?
Uber Facing at Least 550 Sex Abuse Lawsuits
Un Tiempo Critico para los Sobre vividores Valientes de Abuso Sexual en Nueva York
Una mujer en NY presentó una demanda contra Paragard después de que un DIU se le rompiera en el útero
Unacceptable Delay Leads to Loss of Limb for Brooklynite at Local Hospitals
Unaware Queens Woman Plunges into Injuries, UES Sidewalk
Uncertain testing leaves lyme sufferers in poor health
Understaffing of New York hospitals can lead to nursing malpractice
Understanding birth injuries and implications
Understanding Informed Consent
Understanding nursing home abuse and neglect
Understanding the CDC Health Advisory for High Blood Levels of Lead in Children
Understanding the risks and avoiding birth trauma in delivery
UnitedHealth Insurance Company Held Liable for Doctor’s Errors in Hepatitis Outbreak
Unnecessary medical tests have potential to harm patients
Update on the Johnson & Johnson DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-Metal Implant Litigation
Update on Use of Testosterone Products to Treat Low Testosterone
Urgent Deadline for New York Adult Survivors Act
US Senator Introduces Bill to Give Broader Authority to FDA Concerning Dangerous Drugs
USA Olympics Doc Stabbed Multiple Times in Federal Prison
Using sport’s medicine techniques may help childbirth injuries
VA Reports 307,000 Veterans Died Before Their Application For Medical Treatment Was Timely Processed
Vacuum delivery complications and risks
Valsartan Recall, What Can it Mean For You?
Valsartan, Losartan, & Irbesartan Causing Cancer
Ventralex Hernia Mesh Causing More Problems for Medical Device Manufacturer Bard
Verdict of $46.5 Million for Plaintiffs Who Developed Cancer from Monsanto Product
Verdict of $7.25 Million for Plaintiff Involved in Work Accident
Victims of surgical errors cope with medical costs, health risks
Victims’ Battle for Justice Against New York’s Disgraced Hollywood Mogul
Vince McMahon Paid $12 Million in Hush Money to 4 Victims of Sexual Abuse
Wall St. Journal Investigation Finds Instagram’s Algorithms Promoting Pedophile Networks
WanaBana Lead Poisoning Endangering Children and Bringing Lawsuits
Warnings and Precautions for Invokana (Canagliflozin)
We Are Proud to Announce the Appointment of Attorney Thomas Giuffra as Associate Village Justice for Scarsdale, New York
We Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine
Well-Known Hollywood Actress Warns There Are More Harvey Weinsteins
What are the basics of vicarious liability?
What are the common causes of surgical errors?
What constitutes medical misconduct by a physician
What Do the Lead Levels in Your Child’s Blood Indicate?
What is a Plaintiff’s Fact Sheet?
What is a vacuum extractor injury?
What is defensive medicine?
What is Erb’s palsy?
What is informed consent?
What is Medical Monitoring?
What is New York’s Adult Survivors Act and When Does It Begin?
What is the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur?
What is The Mandatory Equipment for Cyclists in New York?
What is the Medical Indemnity Fund?
What is the Process and Risks of Removing Paragard?
What Law Firms That Advertise Heavily Don’t Want You To Know
What New York’s Adult Survivors Act Means for Employers and Institutions
What We Know (and Don’t) About Sleep Devices
What you can do about nursing home negligence
What You Need to Know About Hernia Mesh Settlements
What You Need to Know About Paraquate Exposure and Lawsuits
When A Second Medical Opinion May Matter
When can you sue a hospital for negligence?
When can you sue for a botched appendicitis surgery?
When does a mistake rise to medical malpractice in New York?
When mistakes are made by hospitals, people die
When the Unthinkable Happens During Surgery
When Will Bard Hernia Mesh Cases Settle?
Whistleblower Lawsuits Keep Pharmaceutical Companies in Check
Who can be held legally responsible for birth injuries?
Who Can Be Held Responsible For Medical Malpractice?
Who Decides in the Bard Hernia Mesh Mediation If There is a Settlement?
Who Will Protect the Children from Prescription Drug Deaths?
Why are Birth Injuries Cases Difficult to Prosecute?
Why don’t more doctors admit to mistakes?
Why is abuse and neglect so prevalent in nursing homes?
Why Is My Mesh Failing?
Woman awarded $62 million by a New York City jury
Woman files lawsuit for medical negligence during operation
Woman seeks compensation for loss of legs and hearing
Woman sues doctor over botched sterilization
Woman Suffers With Sjs After Taking Generic Drug
Women Using NuvaRing May Be Two Times More Likely to Develop Blood Clots, Study Says
Worker locked in hospital bathroom dies
Wrong Site Surgeries-Why Do They Occur and How to Prevent Them
Wrong-site surgical errors in New York
Wrongful death of baby brings lawsuit to nurse
Xarelto and Eliquis
Xarelto Lawsuits Filed
Xarelto use connected to severe injury, death in patients
Yaz Lawsuit Settlements Increase to $402.6 Million
Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella New Jersey Suits Consolidated With Judge Brian R. Martinotti
Yaz, Yazmin, Beyaz and Ocella Increases Risk of Blood Clots Three-fold, Say New Studies
You can hold an expert liable for a bad report
Zantac and Ranitidine Signs and Symptoms of Cancer: Esophageal, Stomach, Intestine, Rectal, Colon, Kidney, Liver, Bladder and Blood Cancers
Zantac Cancer Recall: Are You Safe?
Zofran and Hypospadias: Possible Link Indicated in 2004 Medical Journal