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Dental Bacterial Endocarditis Lawyers

We Take on Cases Throughout New Jersey & New York

At Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP, our team of lawyers take cases on behalf of patients who have suffered dangerous infections or injuries after a dental visit. Whether your injuries were caused by a lack of pre-medication or a bacterial endocarditis infection, we can help.

Currently, there is a particular concern for “TAVR” patients (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) who have undergone aortic valve replacement by catheter, in addition to patients with orthopedic implants. If you fall into either of these 2 patient categories, speak with us immediately. You might be entitled to financial compensation.

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Who Is at Risk for Life-Threatening Bacterial Endocarditis or Other Infections?

According to the American Medical and Dental Association, anyone can develop infections after a dental procedure. However, patients who have certain medical implants should undergo a very simple “prophylactic antibiotic regimen.”

If you have any of the following, you are at a high risk of infection:

  • Open Heart Valve Surgery
  • Transthoracic Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) Surgery for Stenotic Valve
  • Implantation of Artificial, Mechanical, Porcine, Donor, or Tissue Valve
  • Orthopedic Implant
  • Knee Implant
  • Hip Implant
  • Shoulder Implant

What Causes Bacterial Endocarditis Infections?

Dental and oral surgical procedures that involve the gums expose you to oral bacteria that can directly enter the bloodstream and infect your heart or artificial joints. Our bodies are not designed to attack bacteria on artificial surfaces.

The following procedures put patients at risk for bacterial endocarditis infections:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Extractions
  • Impressions
  • Implants
  • Jaw surgery

The American Medical and Dental Association recommends administering antibiotics before dental procedures. This can prevent bacterial infection. Unfortunately, many dental offices don’t obtain a patient’s complete medical history. When this happens, they often fail to identify which patients should be pre-medicated. If you have any artificial prostheses, please let your dentist know well in advance of any appointments. Your cardiac or orthopedic surgeons should be consulted as well.

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We are currently retaining clients who have had severe infections that could have been easily prevented. We can file a lawsuit on your behalf and will make sure that our resources meet the needs of your specific case.

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