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New York Building Accident Attorneys

Premises Liability Lawsuits in New York City & Brooklyn

Proper maintenance of a building is crucial to the safety of tenants and office employees alike. Building codes must be followed strictly to avoid injury and allow for a safe, accommodating surroundings. Injuries resulting from building code negligence can lead to serious health consequences.

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Building Safety Codes

Building owners and operators must adhere to many building codes to ensure protection of those who use the building, whether it be a school, apartment building, business building or restaurant. A properly run building will make sure these standards, to name just a few, are in effect:

  • Stairs and elevators must be in safe and working order.
  • Boiler rooms in good condition.
  • Proper ventilation throughout the building.
  • Hallways must have proper light.
  • Foundation is maintained to avoid collapse.
  • There must be accessible and working fire escapes.
  • The building must have fire alarms.
  • Windows on high floors need safety guards.

Experienced Assistance Filing a Claim

It takes an experienced lawyer to fully interpret all of the laws that are applicable in a building accident, and what rights a client may have towards compensation. If you believe you or a loved one was injured due to a building that was not properly taken care of, please call us for a free evaluation. Our firm can assist you in dealing with those who are responsible for your accident in order to get the benefits you need in the recovery process.

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