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The Laundress Injury Lawsuits & Recall Information

We are presently taking cases concerning the Laundress laundry detergent recall that has caused significant injury to users of the laundry product.

The recall involves The Laundress laundry and household cleaning products. These products may contain bacteria, including Burkholderia cepacia complex, Klebsiella aerogenes and multiple different species of Pseudomonas, many of which are environmental organisms found widely in soil and water, and some may also be found in humans.

People with weakened immune systems, external medical devices, and underlying lung conditions who are exposed to the bacteria face a risk of serious infection that may require medical treatment. The bacteria can enter the body if inhaled, through the eyes or through a break in the skin.

The products were recalled on December 1, 2022 and involve approximately 8 million units.

The Laundress, founded in 2004 and bought by Unilever in 2019, on November 17, 2022 urged its customers to stop using all its products due to a then-unnamed bacteria risk. Since then, the company issued a voluntary recall with CPSC as well as Canadian regulators. It’s specified what kinds of bacteria the products potentially contain, the potential health risks, and how customers can re-treat their clothes and products.

The company is also facing a proposed class action lawsuit in federal court, and an outpouring of criticism from concerned customers online.

Regarding the Recall

This recall involves The Laundress laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and other cleaning products, a complete list of which is available at, with lot codes beginning with a prefix letter F and the last four digits numbered 9354 or less, H and the last four digits numbered 2262 or less, and T and the last four digits numbered 5264 or less. For a complete list of products, visit All products have “The Laundress – New York” printed at the top of the label. The Laundress is recalling all products manufactured at the affected facility through September 2022.

About The Laundress Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has already been filed against the manufacturer of Laundress products, Unilever United States. The lawsuit alleges deceptive marketing practices that fail to disclose the presence of deadly bacteria in the products themselves. The marketing strategy touts the Laundress products as healthier than other cleaning products and laundry detergents.

Margaret Murphy filed the class action lawsuit in the US District Court Northern District of California on November 24, 2022 and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the 8,000,000 Laundress units on December 1, 2022 after widespread complaints of serious injury following the use of these products.

The lawsuit claims multiple laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and other cleaning products sold by The Laundress, now owned by Unilever, contain Pseudomonas bacterium, which is commonly referred to as a “superbug” due to its antibiotic-resistant properties.

This type of infection has caused fatal outbreaks in hospitals in previous years, carrying a 39% fatality rate, the lawsuit states. Pseudomonas is a common bacterium that can cause disease in plants, animals and humans and can be found in many different environments including soils, water and plant or animal tissue. The infection may cause mild to severe health consequences in humans including fever, chills, body aches, light-headedness, rapid pulse, heavy breathing, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and decreased urination.

However, those with a weakened immune system, especially patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, can suffer lung infections due to the bacteria’s ability to thrive in moist environments.

If you or a loved one have been injured or exposed to one of the many Laundress cleaning products or laundry detergent, contact us today for a free case evaluation.