Another Actos Study Confirms Bladder Cancer Increase

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Takeda has been under fire for its heavy marketing of the bladder cancer warnings while simultaneously battling the FDA and the medical community over adding bladder cancer warnings. One alarming concern is that the bladder cancer can develop within one year, and all cases occur after relatively short-term use in a population who will probably be on diabetes medication for a lifetime. The respected British Medical Journal just published study results by Canadian researches showing a doubling of the bladder cancer rate over non-users. The researchers used British patient data, which is often considered some of the most reliable data as researches have access to the entire nation’s population, made possible because the government runs the health care system. Such studies are impossible in the United States due to privacy concerns and administrative hurdles. Actos, generically known as pioglitazone, is now coming off patent and could end up being distributed more widely. Further use by doctors will entail closer scrutiny, and it is unknown to what extent usage will drop.

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