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The Parietex ProGrip Inguinal Hernia Mesh is developed and manufactured by Covidien, a company which was acquired by Medtronic in January of 2015. It is unique among hernia meshes because it is made of polyester with over 5,000 tiny hooks to help the surgeon securely position the mesh without the need for tacks or sutures, much like Velcro. Some suffering patients cannot find a surgeon who will attempt to remove the mesh.

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What is Parietex ProGrip Hernia Mesh?

Parietex ProGrip Hernia Mesh is usually used for inguinal hernias, or hernias of the groin. When mesh fails and requires further surgery, a patient may experience significant pain, systemic infection, scarring, mesh erosion, urinary issues, nerve entrapment, testicular atrophy and extended hospital stays.

Our firm has already filed a number of hernia mesh lawsuits throughout the country. We have extensive hernia, pelvic organ prolapse, and stress urinary incontinence mesh litigation and settlement experience against a number of medical device manufacturers. If you or someone you know has suffered due to Covidien Parietex ProGrip Inguinal Hernia Mesh, the experienced medical device attorneys at Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP are here to protect your rights.

Defective Design Questions with the Covidien Parietex ProGrip Inguinal Hernia Mesh

Most meshes are made of a cheap plastic known as polypropylene. The entire Parietex line uses polyester instead, a much weaker alternative. Due to the polyester’s flimsiness, surgeons had a hard time handling the mesh during implantation. When surgeons would try to secure the polyester-based Parietex ProGrip inside the patient, the Parietex would be too weak, instead tearing away from the tacks or sutures intended to secure it. In an effort to save its product, Covidien came up with the thousand-hook design to allow the surgeons ease with securing the device. Unfortunately, this design did not keep in mind the patients.

The Paritex ProGrip has been known to cause debilitating pain due to mesh shrinkage and contraction after implantation. This happens in a way similar to the complications reported with the Bard PerFix Plug.

Hernia Mesh Problems

The thousands of tiny hooks in hernia mesh attach to the patient at thousands of different points, and then the polyester’s weakness causes the mesh to shrink and contract. The motion of the mesh pulls on all the thousands of different points attached to the patient’s tissue and nerves, resulting in severe pain. Pain of this nature is considered essentially untreatable, as opioids are not effective for managing this nerve pain.

Our hernia mesh attorneys have also come across numerous reports of Covidien Parietex ProGrips coming unwoven and facing fray and tear. These unwoven polyester particles can harden after implantation, and are free to migrate in the body, in many cases resulting in the perforation of underlying organs. Other reports have shown that the Parietex ProGrip is also prone to tearing upon implantation, meaning the thousands of tiny hooks used to replace sutures and tacks were not necessary, as the sutures and tacks were not responsible for the tearing of the mesh in the first place.

The Covidien Parietex ProGrip Inguinal Hernia Mesh has been associated with extreme and debilitating pain due to the nerve stretching, as well as other complications related to mesh erosion and migration. Our mass tort attorneys have years of experience in handling medical device lawsuits, including mesh lawsuits. We have handled cases in New York, New Jersey, and nationwide.

Preserving Evidence for hernia mesh lawsuits

Preserving removed mesh is a crucial step if you are considering litigation, especially because mesh is your property as a patient. Therefore, you may request preservation or delivery of your mesh, to either you or your legal representative. Make sure you don’t sign a medical release with your doctor, as it may state your doctor has the right to return the mesh to the manufacturer--without notifying you.

How Do I Know What Type of Mesh I Have?

Up to this point there have been no recalls for the Covidien Parietex ProGrip Inguinal Hernia Mesh. If you had hernia mesh implanted between 2000 and 2016, contact your surgeon to see which type it is. If you have implanted mesh which is already removed due to failure, loosening or hernia recurrence, you can contact your doctor or we can obtain medical records for you in order to determine what type of mesh it is.


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  • Brain Damage of Infant $1,000,000
  • Brain Damage of Infant $2,100,000
  • Cancer Misdiagnosis $2,500,000
  • Cardiovascular Injury $2,200,000
  • Cataract Surgery Complication $1,700,000
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