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The Gore DualMesh is a unique hernia mesh which is rarely used by doctors today, as it has been subject to dozens of patient lawsuits over the years. Created by Gore’s Medical Product Division, the DualMesh is made entirely of expanded polytetrafluroethylene (ePTFE), also known as Gore-Tex or stretchable Teflon.

Because this product quickly became associated with infections, adhesions to underlying organs, early mesh failure, and hernia recurrence, many plaintiffs have sought compensation for their hernia mesh injuries. If you or your loved one have been hurt because of the Gore DualMesh, the skilled legal team at Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP is ready to assist you. We bring over 30 years of experience to the table, and we can help clients throughout New York, New Jersey, and across the nation.

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DualMesh Design Failures and Side Effects

No other medical device company has made a product like DualMesh. True to its name, this product has one smooth side and one rough side, and it is composed entirely of ePTFE. According to the manufacturers, the smooth side of the DualMesh was intended to prevent adhesion to underlying organs, such as the bowel. The rough side of the DualMesh, on the other hand, was supposed to incorporate more with the abdominal wall, by mimicking the natural ridged patterns found there.

In reality, the rough side of the Gore DualMesh hernia mesh causes even the most minor infections to become life-threatening, because it allows bacteria to grow and colonize in the folds. In the presence of an infection, openings in the rough ePTFE provides a safe place for bacteria to grow – and patients often report chronic infections as a result.

Other Problems Associated with Gore DualMesh

Unlike other hernia meshes, the Gore DualMesh did not contain polypropylene, in an attempt to combat some of the past issues with that material. Of course, the bacteria-enhancing properties of ePTFE – combined with some other key design defects – only made matters worse for many patients. From 2000 forward, medical journal reports document dozens of cases of shrinkage, erosion, and infection after the Gore DualMesh was implanted.

Some of the main side effects included:

  • Infection near the time of surgery or even months later
  • Recurrence of the hernias due to mesh rejection, migration or failure
  • Inflammation and chronic pain
  • Internal scar tissue known as "adhesions" which result from foreign body reactions
  • Small bowel erosion leading to bowel surgery, including bowel resection

Holding Gore Accountable for Product Defects

Although the FDA cleared the Gore DualMesh for consumer use in 1995, the product was a part of the FDA’s controversial 510(k) program, which allowed them to bypass many of the human trials necessary for a safe and successful product. Because it was not thoroughly vetted in the initial approval stages, this product has caused serious injury for countless patients, and all of them deserve justice for their pain and suffering.

Our team at Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP can help you seek fair recovery in the wake of injuries from the Gore DualMesh. Skilled at investigating complex medical device defects, we’ll get to the truth of what happened with your hernia mesh, and fight for fair compensation to cover your expenses. Offering tenacious and driven legal advocacy, we won’t stop until Gore is held accountable for this oversight.

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