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The Damages of Having Lead in Your Home

By Ross Testaiuti, Law Clerk

By Ross Testaiuti, Law Clerk

Lead is a toxic substance capable of harming children and poses health risks during pregnancy. The New York City Department of Health (NYC DOH) has emphasized the heightened vulnerability of young children to lead exposure in its report.

Lead exposure in children can cause:

  • Difficulties in behavior and learning
  • Nervous system and Brain impediments
  • Impairments to growth and development
  • Hearing and speech issues

Lead exposure during pregnancy can lead to:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Miscarriage
  • Preterm birth or low birth weight in your child
  • Issues pertaining to learning and behavior of your future child

Ways Your Child Can Absorb Lead

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlight various sources of lead exposure in children’s environments, including:

  • Ingesting or inhaling lead dust or paint chips, especially in homes constructed before the 1978 ban on lead-based paints.
  • Possible absorption of lead through certain water pipes.
  • Certain products such as toys and jewelry.
  • Occasional contamination of candies or traditional home remedies with lead.
  • Certain occupations and hobbies, such as stained glass work, which may introduce lead into the household.
  • If you live near an airport, you may be exposed to lead in air and soil from the gas used in aircraft.

If you or a loved one, suspect lead paint poisoning, please contact us for a free initial consultation on your case.

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