Can I sue my nurse for wrongdoing?

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Medical malpractice claims can be filed against doctors, hospital staff and facilities. In the event a nurse is found negligent, the facility that employs him or her can be held responsible. Although there are countless situations that may result in an injury to a patient, there are several acts of nurse negligence that sadly are quite common.

Nursing staff serves as a conduit between patients and doctors. Typically they are with the patient more often and are the first to know of issues when they arise. If a nurse is informed of a situation that requires urgent care but fails to act, he or she may be held responsible for neglecting the urgency of the situation.

Even if a patient does not verbally make the nurse aware of an issue, a nurse may be found negligent for overlooking something they should have recognized as a concern. After all, nurses are highly trained individuals that are responsible for monitoring a patient’s condition and taking action when necessary.

One of a nurse’s primary responsibilities is to administer medication when necessary. Not only are nurses required to give medication according to a doctor’s orders, but they are also responsible for having a comprehensive understanding of the order. They should know what type of medication is requested, how it is administered and how often it should be given.

Any mistake made by a nurse or other medical professional can result in serious injury, and in rare cases even death. Individuals that have suffered injury due to a nurse’s negligence may benefit by speaking to a medical malpractice attorney. With the help of an attorney, patients can better identify negligent actions and seek the compensation they need.

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