Recent Lawsuit Filed by Our Firm: Pharmacist’s Negligent Filling of Prescription

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Common pharmacy errors are incorrect dosage or the wrong drug which sounds similar to the appropriate drug. We now have a sad case which was the completely wrong person’s prescription! This is the case where a Spanish pregnant woman who does not read, write or speak English. She was receiving her pre-natal care at a Woodhull Hospital Clinic in Brooklyn. She was given a prescription by her doctor to be filled at the hospital pharmacy for what she believed were her pre-natal vitamins. However, the pharmacy actually gave her someone else’s prescription for medications called Neurontin and Altace, drugs which are not used with pregnant women. The medications adversely affected the unborn child. The baby is now eight months old but unfortunately there are indications that he is not meeting his expected milestones. We suggest you always check your subscription based on the label and as well as appropriate identification of the pills.

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