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Covidien Symbotex Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

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In 2014, Covidien was acquired by Medtronic and now exists as one of Medtronic’s subsidiaries. Covidien hernia mesh products have been around for about two decades, but as of late, they have become subject to controversy as healthcare providers have reported defects in Covidien’s hernia mesh products. Trials are expected to focus on what evidence Covidien has that shows their products were not defective and did not cause the complications alleged in the complaints against them.

Problems Associated with Hernia Mesh Failure

The defective product at the center of most of these complaints is part of Covidien’s Symbotex line of hernia mesh products.

The Covidien Symbotex is an implantable hernia mesh that is mostly used to treat ventral hernia through laparoscopic surgeries. Unlike other hernia implants, the Symbotex is made of polyester rather than polypropylene plastic. However, polyester has numerous defects that can result in chronic pain and discomfort, and lead to other medical complications.

  • The first defect is that it is difficult for surgeons to get the polyester-based mesh to lie flat against the herniated area. Polypropylene mesh is much easier to apply, while Covidien’s polyester mesh wrinkles, folds, and eventually detaches from the hernia.
  • A second defect is that the polyester mesh creates inflammation once implanted. Polyester mesh creates more inflammation than those made from other materials, like polypropylene, and can result in much pain to the patient. Further, the Covidien-caused inflammation lengthens recovery times and increases the risk of infection.
  • A third defect is that the polyester shrinks and hardens after being implanted. As the polyester mesh shrinks, it pulls on scar tissue as well as any pins or sutures that it is attached to. This pulling can lead to chronic pain and may even result in the mesh pulling off entirely from the implant site.

Even if the Symbotex implant stays in place, the outside edges can unravel and send threads of polyester into the bloodstream. Because polyester causes more inflammation than other materials, anywhere the threads end up can cause potential problems.

Common Symptoms Associated with Hernia Mesh Failure

  • Infection can occur deep in the abdominal area, especially if the mesh erodes into the small bowel intestines.
  • Recurrence of the hernias due to mesh rejection, migration or failure.
  • Inflammation and chronic pain.
  • Internal scar tissue, known as “adhesions,” which result from foreign body reactions.

No Recall at this Time

Despite the problems that the polyester in the Covidien Symbotex has caused, the device has not been recalled. Instead, victims and patients who have suffered from the hernia mesh’s defects have had to join hernia mesh MDLs and lawsuits to get the compensation they deserve.

Preserving Evidence in Hernia Mesh Cases

Preserving removed mesh is a crucial step if you are considering litigation, especially because mesh is your property as a patient. Therefore, you may request preservation or delivery of your mesh, to either you or your legal representative. Make sure you don’t sign a medical release with your doctor, as it may state your doctor has the right to return the mesh to the manufacturer–without notifying you.

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