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Lead-based paint was banned from housing by the federal government in 1978, therefore many houses and apartments built before 1978 have problems with lead from paint chips and dust. Serious health hazards can arise from this toxin, and children are particularly at risk. Crawling babies and children at play may put their hands and other objects in their mouths, greatly heightening their chances of lead poisoning.

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Children with high levels of lead in their bodies can result in poor quality of health as they grow older due to damages in their brain and nervous system. If the lead poisoning is not detected early enough, the damage can lead to:

  • mental health issues
  • learning problems and decrease in IQ
  • stunted growth
  • hearing problems
  • chronic headaches, irritability and behavioral problems such as hyperactivity.

Adults also suffer from the harms of lead exposure. They are at risk for damage to their reproductive systems, nerve disorders, high blood pressure, hypertension, memory problems, and muscle and joint pain.

Lead Paint Injuries Still a New York City Hazard to Children

Two shocking reports were published in November 2017. The New York Daily News uncovered that the New York City Housing Authority had falsified safety certifications for thousands of apartments. A Reuters Special Report noted pockets of elevated blood lead levels, equal and greater than those recently found in Flint, Michigan. Manhattan’s Riverside Park area, as well as Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Greenpoint areas were high. Lead was also found in park soil, cosmetics and children’s toys.

Health Effects of Lead Exposure

Typically, the human body can eliminate trace amounts of lead through urine, bowel movements, and even sweat. However, when the body is exposed to more lead than it can get rid of, the lead becomes stored in the blood, organs, bones, and teeth - leading to lead poisoning.

The Blood Lead Level, known as BLL, is measured in micrograms per deciliter. Any amount of BBL greater than 10 is of concern to doctors. BLL above 15 requires immediate medical attention, especially in infants and children whose bodies are still developing. High blood lead levels of 30+ has damaging health effects: kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, memory loss, slowed reaction time, decreased sperm counts, increased numbers of abnormal sperm, miscarriage, stillbirth, high blood pressure, blood cell development, and the ability to form hemoglobin. Unfortunately, noticeable symptoms may not be present until blood lead levels are high enough to cause serious damage to body systems.

Investigate the Cause With an experienced legal team

Our experienced team of lead paint attorneys will immediately try to determine the source of lead paint. Many children have contact with various old apartment buildings and homes where exposure could occur. One of the first steps we take in a case is to determine why the lead paint still existed.

  • Was removal of the paint poorly done?
  • Was nothing done other than a new coat of paint over the lead paint?
  • Were the owners made aware lead paint was used in the building?

At Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP, we know how to guide clients through the necessary steps for medical attention as we investigate their case. If you think you or your child has been exposed to lead paint, call us to speak to one of our experienced lead poisoning lawyers.

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