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Dr. Darius Paduch Awaits Sentencing After Being Convicted on All Counts of Sexual Abuse

By Thomas P. Giuffra

A Manhattan jury found Dr. Darius Paduch guilty on all counts of unlawful sexual activity and enticement of several minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity. Now he awaits sentencing which has been scheduled for August 22, 2024.

Darius A. Paduch of North Bergen, New Jersey, was convicted by a jury in Manhattan federal court of all 11 counts pertaining to seven patients.

According to the charges on the verdict sheet, his victims included four males initially attacked before becoming adults as he sexually abused multiple male patients from at least 2015 through 2019. The indictment said Paduch had worked in New York from 2003 through 2023 as a practicing urologist specializing in male reproductive health.

While Paduch’s lawyers have stated they plan to appeal the conviction, Paduch faces a lengthy if not lifelong prison sentence in August. For those who were victimized by Paduch, a lengthy prison sentence would be fitting for a man who preyed on unsuspecting victims.

If you or a loved one have been sexually abused by Dr. Darius Paduch, please contact Thomas Giuffra for a free, confidential review of your case.

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