Owners in nursing home abuse case plead guilty to cover-up

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

It has been a long road for the four people involved in a nursing home abuse case cover-up, but finally, more than two years after two separate incidents spurred investigation, charges have been made and guilty pleas have been entered.

The two owners of a New York nursing home have plead guilty to charges of cover-up, conspiracy and eavesdropping after incidents of medication error and unlawful sexual contact prompted authorities to investigate the facility. The owners, as well as two other employees, have also been accused of felony tampering with evidence, falsifying records and forgery in the 45-count indictment that followed the investigations findings.

In 2013, a medication error that went unaddressed for several days and the report of unlawful sexual conduct between two residents prompted the complaint which led to the investigation. During the investigation, evidence was discovered that suggested the owners and two others had violated health laws and falsified records to cover-up the abuse.

One of the owners will serve three years probation while the other will serve one year of conditional discharge which will stave off punishment as long as he complies with the conditions. The other two employees named in the indictment are the Director of Nursing who awaits sentencing, and the facility Administrator, who has not yet entered a plea.

For those of us that have loved ones in nursing home facilities, the thought of someone hurting them is agonizing. However, the idea that others would help cover-up the abuse is downright disgusting. For the victims and families of these four, probation may not be enough of a punishment. If your loved one has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect and you would like to see real justice done, finding strong and effective representation may help.

Source: McKnights.com, “NY nursing home owners plead guilty in abuse cover-up,” Emily Mongan, Nov. 30, 2015

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