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Dr. Darius Paduch Criminal Trial Underway

By Thomas P. Giuffra

Darius Paduch, the Long Island urologist who worked for decades for Northwell Health in Great Neck and Lake Success from 2019 until his arrest in April 2023, and for at least 16 years before that for Weill Cornell Medicine in Manhattan, will stand trial beginning tomorrow.

Paduch is currently incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn awaiting trial at U.S. District Court in Manhattan. He has pleaded not guilty. Paduch is charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse and assault including seven counts of inducing a person to travel to engage in unlawful sexual activity and six counts of inducing a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity. The federal criminal indictment alleges, in addition to abusing patients on Long Island and in Manhattan, Paduch lured some patients to his New Jersey home and boat and abused them there.

Newsday’s David Olson interviewed me for the article that was published yesterday since I represent more than twenty Paduch survivors. Here is an excerpt:

Giuffra said, about 15 years ago a client who later filed a lawsuit against Paduch, Weill Cornell and NewYork-Presbyterian complained to one female and one male doctor in the Weill Cornell urology department about Paduch. The physicians were dismissive, Giuffra said.

“He was pooh-poohed that he didn’t understand that it was part of medical treatment,” Giuffra said one doctor told his client. “Another answer was, ‘Oh, he was under anesthesia at the time and he probably misunderstood what happened.’”

The fact that the institutions that employed Paduch for the last two or three decades were warned about his sexually abusive behavior and did nothing to stop it only compounds the pain and suffering of Paduch’s victims.

If you or a loved one were sexually abused or assaulted by Darius Paduch, please contact me for a free initial consultation.

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Thomas P. Giuffra, Partner

Thomas specializes in the litigation and trial of significant civil sexual assault, medical malpractice, personal injury, mass tort, and product liability actions. His innovative approach has led to 20 verdicts and numerous settlements in excess of one million dollars on behalf of his clients, including a recent landmark verdict for $58 Million. He has been recognized as "outstanding in the field of advocacy" nationally and internationally.

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