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NY City Subway Train Crash Injures at Least 24

By Thomas P. Giuffra

Around 3:00pm today, just before rush hour, two New York City subway cars were involved in an accident on the Upper West Side injuring at least 24 passengers. The accident occurred at 96th St. and Broadway on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

CBS News is reporting “One of the trains had passengers on board during the crash. The other was out of service after having been vandalized.” The vandalism appears to have been at least a proximate cause of the crash and has raised some concerns concerning domestic terrorism.

The out-of-service train had been vandalized. A number of emergency cords had been pulled earlier by someone. They were able to reset all of them except one, and that was the reason why that train was still stuck in the station.” 

However, the accident raises more questions about subway safety including why didn’t the “in service” train know that an out of service train was ahead of it? How did vandals gain access to do the mischief they did?

Officials believe subway service in that area may be disrupted until next week sometime.

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