Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Failure

Our firm is actively litigating hundreds of metal-on-metal implant hip implant cases, including selections for lead plaintiffs. We represent clients whether or not a revision has taken place. We also have many clients with multiple revisions on the same hip. We are currently litigating on behalf of plaintiffs in state and federal courts for:

  • Biomet M2A implants
  • DePuy ASR and Pinnacle implants
  • Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II implants
  • Wright Conserve, Dynasty and Profemur implants
  • Zimmer Durom Cup

Hip Implant Recall Attorneys in New York City

We are aggressively filing cases in federal and state courts which will be in the best interests of our clients.

We realize for most clients this will be the first time they have been involved in litigation. We start working with you immediately on urgent matters such as:

  • How to identify if you have a recalled product
  • What, if any, contact should you have with DePuy's hired insurance company, Broadspire
  • What are the serum tests being done for metal particle disease, also known as metallosis, cobalt poisoning and chromium poisoning?
  • Preservation of hip implant hardware as evidence
  • We can discuss with you DePuy's medical advice given to patients and doctors regarding hip failure diagnosis, such as X-rays
  • What are the litigation and settlement prospects, and how these directly relate to your specific injury

Metal-on-metal implants for knees and hips have been implicated for problems: DePuy ASR hip implant, Zimmer Durom Cup hip implant, Zimmer NexGen knee implants, as well as other metal-on-metal implants.

DePuy Implant Litigation Attorneys

The DePuy ASR XL Hip Replacement System was introduced to the United States in 2005. DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, advertised their new system as a "high performance hip replacement." Advertisements showed people running on the beach and performing other high-impact activities. The system is made up of metal-on-metal components which, as they wear, generate significant amounts of debris that can cause severe inflammation, damage muscles and other soft tissue which can lead to a follow-up operation to replace the device.

Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Replacement Recall

We are investigating cases for clients who have had the M2a Biomet hip implants and experiencing complications or who have had a revision. Biomet continues to tout its large head M2a chrome and cobalt drop-forged implants as providing greater stability and resulting in less wear, as many other manufacturers do. However, many medical studies show that large heads put more cantilevered forces on the acetabular cup, causing wear and deterioration.

Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Implant Litigation

The Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II systems which were recalled in 2012 for metallosis and failure. Stryker's patented titanium TMFZ femoral stem and cobalt/chrome neck create a corrosive reaction which poisons the patient's bones and tissues. Even before the recall, Stryker acknowledged this general problem of mismatched metals in sales material.

Wright Conserve, Dynasty and Profemur Implant Litigation

The Conserve and Dynasty metal-on-metal implants are associated with metallosis and implant failure requiring revision surgery. Concern is focused on the cobalt and chromium materials used. The Profemur line has a sudden and catastrophic failure at the neck and stem junction. Due to the design, a neck may be failing at the taper of the femoral component yet an X-ray or metal artifact reduction sequence (MARS) scan may not reveal it.

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