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New York Wright Hip Implant Attorneys

Wright Medical Technology, Inc. Hip Implant Lawsuits

Our firm is representing hip implant clients nationwide in claims against Wright Medical Technology, Inc. This includes the Wright Conserve, Dynasty and Profemur hip implant systems. The Conserve and Dynasty metal-on-metal implants are associated with metallosis and implant failure requiring revision surgery. Concern is focused on the cobalt and chromium materials used. The Profemur line has a sudden and catastrophic failure at the neck and stem junction. Due to the design, a neck may be failing at the taper of the femoral component yet an X-ray or metal artifact reduction sequence (MARS) scan may not reveal it.

Using our firm’s experience in the DePuy ASR and Stryker New Jersey state litigations before Judge Martinotti, where we have over 100 cases filed, we are reviewing Wright hip implant cases. Our firm has full control over our cases, and we do not associate or rely on other firms. We are always available to our clients, and we conduct monthly phone conferences with all our hip implant clients.

Serving Clients Across the Country

Contact us today online or by telephone at (212) 684-1880 to speak with a knowledgeable New York medical device liability lawyer. The Wright implant litigation is managed personally by one of our litigation partners.

FDA Investigating Wright Medical Technology

With regard to Wright Medical Technology, we are closely following the FDA investigation into marketing irregularities, as well as the possibility that Wright’s implant division may be sold outright. Another discovery issue will be investigating the practice of medical device companies, such as Wright Medical, quietly grooming doctors to promote their products. These are known as “key opinion leaders” and can be handsomely rewarded.

How Our Firm Can Help

As with all our litigations, we nominate clients as lead cases, often called “bellwether” cases. Our firm has a history of determining which cases have such superior merit that they will be ideal to represent all litigants. We work closely with clients, their families and their physicians. Physicians rarely understand the liability aspects of your claim, and we take the time to explain to them how a company’s defective product was able to be marketed while hiding its shortcomings.

If you think your implant is failing, that is a medical matter which should be discussed with your doctors. They are the ones best suited to investigate failures. Blood and serum test can be done to determine what your metal levels are. The American and British health agencies now warn that an X-ray that looks “normal” is not alone an accurate test.

We can discuss with you issues such as:

  • How to identify if you have a recalled product
  • What are the serum tests being done for metal particle disease, also known as metallosis, cobalt poisoning and chromium poisoning
  • Preservation of hip implant hardware as evidence
  • What are the litigation and settlement prospects, and how these directly relate to your specific injury

Ready to learn more? Call Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP today at (212) 684-1880.