Fair Compensation for Birth Injury Claims

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Birth injuries can range in severity from very mild to catastrophic and many times are caused by improperly trained staff or doctor negligence during delivery. Unfortunately, for as common as birth injuries are, not every birth injury results in a jury awarding damages. A parent’s best bet after their child has been injured during delivery is to seek immediate and experienced medical malpractice representation.

Some birth injuries suffered during the delivery process are unavoidable. However, many are due to a failure on the medical provider or facilities part. In order to prove this failure took place and assign guilt, and the attorney must prove that the medical provider being held responsible for the injury did not act in accordance with good medical practice. This feat may be difficult but with the right representation, it can be successful.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney will have the resources needed to identify and address possible areas of negligence and may be able to acquire the expert testimony needed to support the case. Experienced attorneys know how a facility, its staff and their insurance company will defend their actions. With this knowledge, a medical malpractice attorney can properly prepare the case for litigation. A strong legal advocate may also be able to support the case in a way that prompts facilities to settle out of court.

To receive fair compensation for birth injury claims, parents should seek immediate, professional legal representation. With a skilled medical malpractice attorney, families shaken with these types of injuries may get the compensation they need to make a healthy physical, emotional and mental recovery.

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