What is a vacuum extractor injury?

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

For mothers everywhere, the hope of an uncomplicated birth is typical. Our worrisome minds get the better of us, nearly every day of our pregnancy. Our only hope is that our baby is born without complication or injury and is healthy. For some mothers though, a difficult delivery requires tools and techniques that may yield terrible results.

The vacuum extractor technique of delivery has been around for ages. It is usually reserved for difficult deliveries that require immediate vaginal extraction. However, the use or misuse of this technique can cause permanent health issues and disability to the child.

Although the injuries vary in presentation and symptoms, they can all be prevented. Many times, it is with knowledge and with questions that expectant mothers can avoid vacuum extractor injuries. By asking what stage of labor you are in, or if forceps can be used, may signify to the delivering doctor that you are not comfortable with the vacuum extractor technique.

For mothers who suspect their child has suffered a vacuum extractor injury, a consultation with a skilled medical malpractice attorney may help. Birth injuries due to medical malpractice happen every day, and for the parents of a child born with injuries due to this type of delivery, there are resources and treatment available. Although vacuum extractor injuries can yield terrible results that are long term and difficult to treat, the dedication and experience of a medical malpractice attorney can help compensate families for the damage, and cover future health care costs.

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