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Dr. Darius Paduch-Medically Necessary vs. Medically Predatory?

By Thomas P. Giuffra

Dr. Darius Paduch, a prominent New York City urologist who had worked at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan and Northwell Health on Long Island faces criminal and civil charges of sexual abuse stemming from his treatment of underage males.

Who is Dr. Darius Paduch?

Dr. Paduch, a specialist in male fertility, was charged with two counts each of inducement to travel to engage in unlawful sexual activity and inducement of a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity. In announcing the charges, Damian Williams, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, said the doctor had taken advantage of his victims “for his own deviant satisfaction.”

Sexual Abuse of His Patients

As a urologist, Paduch would diagnose and treat medical issues concerning the male reproductive system. It is not clear at this point the nature of the treatment those accusing Paduch of sexual abuse should have expected. However, what is clear is that law enforcement found his behavior to fall under the category of not medically necessary. The fact that this pattern of behavior continued from 2015 until 2019 with at least some of his accusers makes it predatory behavior and therefore subject to criminal and civil liability. For example, according to the indictment, Paduch would direct the person to masturbate in front of him as pornography played, and often insisted on touching victims himself, sometimes using a sex toy. Standing close to the victims, he sometimes pressed himself against and groped them, the indictment says. None of it had a medical purpose.

Seek Justice Against Dr. Paduch

I have represented survivors of powerful predators before. In fact, I am one of the few lawyers who can state that I’ve been involved in cases against Dr. Robert Haden, Harvey Weinstein, and now Dr. Darius Paduch.

If you or a loved one were a patient of Dr. Darius Paduch and were sexually abused, please call me, Attorney Thomas Giuffra, immediately for a free and confidential consultation. I will be happy to provide the legal expertise you deserve.

You can reach our sexual assault and abuse lawyers by completing our contact form or calling (212) 684-1880.

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