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If There is Any Question of Wrongdoing, Speak to an Attorney

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP

The occasional doctor visit, check up or preventative care appointment can still run into the hundreds of dollars depending on the service received. Even with more Americans receiving health care coverage through the affordable care act, high deductibles and large out-of-pocket expenses threaten many middle-class American families. While routine health care can cost an individual hundreds to thousands of dollars, ongoing treatment for what may have been an injury sustained through doctor error may carry the potential to financially ruin.

If there is any question of wrongdoing or negligence, individuals should consider speaking to an attorney. Medical malpractice claims are filed every day. However, it is likely that not everyone who has experienced a doctor’s error has sought legal representation. Assuming that a doctor’s error may cause harm requiring ongoing medical care, individuals that do not get help with their case may end up not only paying for the mistake with their health but also with their financial stability.

Skilled medical malpractice attorneys have the resources and experience needed to identify doctor error and negligence. With their help, injured individuals can seek the help and compensation they need to recover from their injuries. Although some people may feel guilty about holding their favorite medical professional responsible for a minor error, doing so may help save other patients from suffering the same fate.

While many individuals may not be qualified to identify a doctor error, receiving the advice of a skilled legal advocate may make all the difference in recovery. Medical malpractice claims have a statute of limitations. In order to seek compensation for a loss, patients should consider speaking to an attorney at the first sign of negligence.

Picture of Edward A. Ruffo, Partner

Edward A. Ruffo, Partner

Mr. Ruffo currently litigates cases at the state and federal levels in New York and New Jersey and has obtained numerous multi-million dollar medical damage awards for his clients. He has been annually ranked as a Top 10 and Top 100 Trial Lawyer by numerous professional societies including The National Trial Lawyers Association.

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