Teenager suffers brain damage after cosmetic surgery

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

New York residents may be interested in a recent medical malpractice story out of Florida. An 18-year-old mother from that state underwent a breast augmentation surgery that was supposed to be routine. However, complications put her into a coma and left her with brain damage. Her family now plans to file a medical malpractice suit against the clinic where her breast augmentation was performed.

The surgery was performed last August. The woman fell into a coma only hour after the surgery and remained comatose until October. Since returning home in November, her family has had to provide her with constant care. Her mother says that the victim is depressed and cries a lot when she thinks about what has happened to her.

An attorney for the clinic claims that the woman knew she was at risk because of complications during childbirth and that she tried to hide those complications because she wanted to have the breast augmentation. The family’s attorney says that assertion is false. He goes on to say the cosmetic surgery center is simply trying to shift the blame for the incident to the patient in order to avoid taking responsibility for its mistakes.

Medical malpractice can have an enormous impact on victims. While the blame in this case has yet to be determined, if evidence reveals that the family’s claim of malpractice is true, they may be able to recover compensation in order to take care of their daughter and her child. Compensation may also replace any lost wages that the victim can no longer earn. While the compensation may not reverse the brain damage suffered by the victim, it may allow the family to better care for her and her child.

Source: FOX News Latino, “Boob Job Leaves Miami Teen With Brain Damage; Family Sues Clinic For Malpractice“, February 04, 2014

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