Snowy Tragedy Strikes Pregnant Woman in Brooklyn, NY

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

A pregnant Sunset Park woman named Min Lin, 36, was rushed to the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn where she died from injuries of being struck by a snowplow. The snowstorm tragedy occurred on Thursday on a street in Dyker Heights when a Bobcat snowplow backed into the pregnant woman and killed her. According to the police, Mr. and Mrs. Lin were placing groceries in their car in an empty parking lot when the Fei Long Supermarket owner, Wu Wu, who was driving the snowplow, struck Lin.

Doctors performed an emergency C-section and delivered a baby boy. The baby was delivered under critical conditions and complications that could have potentially damaged his brain and organs. The snowstorm tragedy that caused Lin’s death comes to friends and family members of Lin as a major shock. Neighbors mentioned “Oh, God, a Bobcat? I see those things all around, coming up on the sidewalk, I try to avoid them”. This incident would be a second snowstorm accident in the past two weeks in Brooklyn as another resident was recently killed by a snowplow.

Our firm is all too familiar with wrongful death litigation in New York City courts. The litigation partners at Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo & Plotkin LLP ask drivers to always use constant vigilance in parking lots and areas where pedestrians are.

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