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STRATTICE™ Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

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Contact us today online or by telephone at (888) 260-0473 to speak with a knowledgeable New York and New Jersey defective medical device lawyer.

The mesh and the tissue surrounding it are supposed to grow together, strengthening and reinforcing the area that was torn. The process is supposed to be much more effective than the synthetic versions. The patch is designed to chemically link the proteins in the tissue together. In some cases cross-linking has been linked to a risk of foreign body response, according to allegations raised in complaints brought by individuals who have experienced painful and debilitating complications after the surgical mesh was used during a hernia repair.

Problems with the Synthetic Meshes in STRATTICE™

However, these cross-linked grafts can cause serious infections and lead to rejection of the medical device. As of September 2020, the Food and Drug Administration received at least 450 Medical Device Reports linked to such problems caused by the Strattice Hernia Mesh. There were six reports of patient fatalities, approximately 340 reports of injuries, and more than 100 reports that indicated malfunctions of the mesh.

Some Strattice hernia mesh complications that have been reported are:

  • organ punctures
  • internal bleeding
  • rejection of the device
  • relocation or migration of the mesh away from the implantation site
  • obstructions
  • gastrointestinal distress
  • severe pain
  • fever
  • infection
  • painful intercourse
  • nerve damage
  • abdominal swelling
  • abscess
  • death

Strattice hernia mesh lawsuits are alleging that the device is defectively designed and the manufacturer failed to warn medical professionals about the serious adverse events associated with the mesh. Additionally, those who have been injured by this mesh allege that the Strattice hernia mesh was marketed in such a fashion as to hide the defective design of the mesh and its potential failure once implanted.

Due to common questions which have arisen in the various cases, the litigation was centralized and consolidated before New Jersey Superior Court Judge John C. Porto in Atlantic County in October 2021, as part of a multi county litigation (MCL), which is intended to reduce duplicate discovery and avoid conflicting pretrial rulings from different judges.

File a Lawsuit for Strattice™ Device Failure

The allegations presented in this litigation are different than those raised in other lawsuits over hernia mesh filed in recent years over products made with polypropylene. There are tens of thousands of Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuits, Atrium C-Qur mesh lawsuits, Bard hernia patch lawsuits and similar claims alleging that design defects resulted in painful and complications. However, the Strattice mesh lawsuits allege that similar problems have been linked to this product.

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