Was Your Mammogram Misread?

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When doctors and radiologists fail to properly read X-rays and mammograms, patients can needlessly suffer and even die from breast cancer. At Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP, our New York breast cancer lawyers help victims of medical negligence pursue monetary compensation for the physical and financial hardships they suffer. We are experienced attorneys with a long track record of success, winning settlements and jury awards for our clients.

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Why Mammograms Are So Important

When properly utilized, mammograms can give doctors warning signs about tumors and irregularities in breast tissue. If doctors fail to recognize these warnings or fail to take appropriate measures when they do, cancerous tissue can grow and spread to the point where it is untreatable.

Our attorneys consult with experts in radiology, oncology and other relevant fields to help our clients identify who was liable for the delayed diagnosis and what legal measures are at our disposal. We are skilled trial attorneys with long track record of success winning results for our valued clients.

Explore Your Legal Options

If you have been affected by a misread mammogram, then you may have a claim for compensation. Even though doctors and medical facilities are insured, they often challenge the claims of plaintiffs you deserve to have their medical error rectified. Our firm can help even the playing field and welcomes the opportunity to take these coverage providers to court in order to secure appropriate compensation for our clients.