NYC Housing Authority Buildings Plagued by Security Issues

By Thomas Giuffra

The New York City Housing Authority has been the subject of numerous complaints concerning building safety, maintenance issues, and overall neglect for years. The problem is not being addressed, especially when it comes to building security issues.

New York’s Pix 11 was alerted to one building run by the Housing Authority in the Bronx. The issue in this building has to do with broken locks on exterior and interior doors. According to Pix11 News, “The problem has persisted for months. Carlos Salmon is a concerned son who said he feels his 85-year-old mother is unsafe in her building. The locks to the front and back doors of her building are constantly being vandalized. He’s had enough. Salmon said it’s frustrating and dangerous for the people who live at the Adams Houses.”

Tenants have made complaints about such security issues to Housing Authority officials for years now but the problems remain. When Pix11 reached out to the Housing Authority, they responded that they were working on the problem. The problems remain and increase in terms of security, safety, and building maintenance. It’s high time the city fix these issues for its residents.

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