Pedestrians Frustrated by Pizza Delivery Bicyclers

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Our law firm wants New York pedestrians to be aware of speeding cars and bicyclists due to the potential for accidents. Should officers urge frustrated walkers to call 911 when there’s a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk? Can police officers arrest lawless bikers if there’s no real much crime being committed?

Frustrated pedestrians have given the 24th Precinct multiple complaints about dangerous deliveryman from Domino on the Upper Westside. The pizza delivery workers are riding on the sidewalks along Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues, and the pedestrians are now verbalizing their complaints. Officers were stressing that there’s not much they can do since there is no crime being committed. One Domino’s pizza deliveryman, Nelson Molina was busted riding near Amsterdam Ave. near W. 108th one afternoon. Molina stated “I am not going to lie: sometimes, we do it”. In one source, “The Department of Transportation spent six months sending inspectors to problematic restaurants to make sure their delivery staff follow the rules. Mark Levine, councilman, wants to enforce the city to add more bike lanes up town. He also states that “the bicyclists should not be on the sidewalk to deliver their goods”. These pizza deliverymen shouldn’t put New York pedestrian in danger as well as themselves.

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