Residents of NY City Housing Authority Apartments Live in Disrepair

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

In the Stapleton Housing Complex residents went an entire year without gas to cook meals, now they are without hot water. 

“It’s one thing behind another. Last week we didn’t have any lights, then it was the elevators, now it’s the hot water. And they still haven’t restored the hot water,” Dorris Harrell, a resident of 181 Gordon St. told the Advance/ on Thursday.

As the NY State Assembly embraces legislation that would bring funding to the beleaguered government agency, the problems of disrepair continue and their is no confidence that throwing more money at the problems will solve them.

SI Live reports, “Harrell reported the hot water outage last week, which she said has been out since May 30. The management office of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) property told her servicemen were attending to the issue and they anticipated the hot water being back on by Friday, June 3, Harrell said. However, the weekend came, followed by most of this week and still there’s no hot water.”

Repair orders are not completed and residents of the housing authority apartments have to make do without basic services such as working elevators, hot water, gas, not to mention the numerous safety code violations that are rampant in these housing complexes.

All NY residents deserve to live in residences that are safe and provide the basic necessities of life.  A month ago, the NY Post reported similar problems in NYCHA residences in Bushwick. 

“Yellow ooze. Collapsing cabinets. Water spraying out of a pipe — visible thanks to a hole in the wall. Incessant mold.

Tenants at the Bushwick Houses detailed the shocking conditions and complaints of staggering neglect by the city’s scandal-scarred Housing Authority on Friday as elected officials rallied to demand urgent repairs at the complex.

“You get out of bed to use the bathroom … and you just step in it,” said Joshua Torres, 27, who lives in the Brooklyn public housing complex with his 63-year-old mother, Maria Carman.

“It’s just horrible because the water proceeds to get underneath my bed, even in the middle of the room.”

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