We Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Ukraine is a sovereign nation that has every right and responsibility to make its own choice about its future.  There is never justification for another nation to invade its territory and bully it into submitting to a foreign nation’s geopolitical strategy.  What Russia has done by invading Ukraine threatens the security and peace of Europe, something that hasn’t happened on this serious level since World War II. 

We condemn the indiscriminate violence and placing peace in jeopardy by a totalitarian dictator.There is no justification whatsoever to warrant invading  a sovereign nation and cause the tremendous human suffering that Russia has done.  Many countries, including the United States warned Russia that they would face serious consequences for invading Ukraine but they didn’t listen.  The entire world is watching and stands in condemnation of Russia’s belligerent behavior.  Our sincere hope is that there will be a quick cessation of hostilities so that the Ukrainian people can live their lives in peace and hope for the future. 

We salute the heroism of the Ukrainian people in their courageous fight against a totalitarian dictator.

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