Bus Crash Settlement for $36 Million

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

A 2005 bus crash in western New York has been resolved before trial. There were four deaths and a significant number of personal injuries. The bus was carrying a youth hockey team through New York near Rochester. The settlement came from insurance carriers for the bus and trucks involved in the accident. Police investigators suspected bus driver fatigue. The driver had been on the road for many hours and there was missing paperwork for his time in the days prior to the accident. This scenario is very similar to a rash of recent bus accidents due to driver fatigue, speeding and improper maintenance. Bus owners do little to follow federal and state guidelines, although tighter monitoring by government agencies in 2011 has lead to grounding some companies. Passengers have no way of knowing what danger bus drivers pose, and we commend any agency who uses all possible regulations to fine dangerous bus companies.

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