Can a surgical site infection be a negligence claim?

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

A surgical site infection is an infection in the portion of the body a surgical procedure was performed on. Although many infections are relatively minor, occasionally, a serious infection may arise. Most surgeons and other medical staff take the proper precautions to prevent surgical site infections. However, poorly trained medical staff or the negligence of a surgeon or other provider can lead to extremely serious infections. When this happens, patients may be able to seek compensation for their injury and suffering.

Certain medical procedures may carry a higher risk of surgical site infection. However, with all surgical procedures, surgeons and medical staff typically have mandated protocol to follow in an attempt to prevent any infection. For patients considering surgery, staying well informed of these protocols and the surgical process will only help in the event there is a question of negligence.

Improper hand washing, poorly trained staff or unsanitary medical facilities may all be to blame for a surgical site infection. For patients that have properly followed their aftercare directions and fear one of these reasons may be to blame for their infection, speaking to a medical malpractice attorney may help. With an attorney’s help, patients may be able to identify any risk factors they faced while in a doctor or facility’s care. They may also be able to rule out any potential underlying causes of the infection including disease, a weakened immune system or even smoking.

Surgical site infection medical malpractice claims are very complex and can be difficult to prove. Identifying an issue early on and seeking the help of a trusted attorney are the first steps toward recovery and compensation for your loss.

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