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New York Work Injury Lawyer

Construction Accident Attorneys in New York City

Injuries experienced by workers constitute a large percentage of total injures reported in this country every year. This area of law has been a significant part of our firm’s practice for many years. You should speak with a knowledgeable New York work injury attorney to discern whether you accident is eligible for legal action or a workers’ compensation claim. While our firm does not handle workers’ compensation claims, we do refer clients to lawyers who practice in this field.

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Suing third parties

In some worksite injury cases there may be parties besides your employer involved in the accident that may be responsible for the injury. These “third parties” can be sued and may be required to pay full damages, including pain and suffering, if they are found to be liable.

Product liability-based suits are the most common third-party worksite suits we handle. An example of this would be suing the manufacturer or seller of a machine that caused an injury, such as a brake press with inadequate safety guards. Another example of product-related worksite injuries is the release of toxic substances on the job, such as a chemical spill. Asbestos cases are another prime example of such third-party suits.

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Construction site cases are a major aspect of our worksite litigation practice. Special laws in New York and elsewhere give extra protection to workers in the construction trades and allow them to sue contractors and property owners for their injuries. Our New York work injury lawyers will be happy to answer any of your questions about pursuing a lawsuit after an accident.

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